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Carick Tim (05/10/2017)


Normally the body does not need any (human) milk after about five years. Therefore, some people lack the appropriate enzyme to properly process and digest milk. There appears to be seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment a link between high milk consumption and the growth of cancer cells among some people. The growth hormones, which are intended for the calves, can also promote the growth of unwanted, malignant cells.

Conclusion - Should I dispense with dairy products?

It is not necessary to dispense completely with dairy products, if one likes them very gladly. If, however, irritating skin lesions have occurred and they do not want to disappear, one can try through the temporary renouncement of milk, whether it comes to improvements. However, a strong overconsumption is to be avoided in every case. These include dairy products such as whey, egg whites, curd, yoghurt, fresh cheese and many more. In addition, there is also much milk in sweets such as chocolate or baking goods.

Alternatively, you can choose soy, rice, almond or coconut milk. Nowadays, many health food stores offer these alternatives. Butter and cheese can also easily be replaced by products such as coconut oil or vegetable products home remedies for seborrheic keratosis. Presumably, milk will be clarified in the future by excess insulin reactions. Due to this preparation, there is then probably less skin contamination by dairy products.

Everyone in his life suffers more or less from classical skin contamination: they are acne, abscesses or other inflammations of the skin. Especially during puberty, caused by the imbalance of the hormonal balance, pimples develop quickly and frequently on the skin surface. A well-known home remedy for pimples is tea tree oil.

Due to its diverse possibilities in the use against skin inflammations, it is considered one of the most important means against ebendiese. Here we show the common forms in which tea tree oil occurs, and list the advantages of the essential oil. In addition, we point out the importance of using tea tree oil!

Where and how do I find tea tree oil?

The tea tree oil comes originally from Australia. It has been used there for a very long time by the indigenous people to treat sores. Finally, it is notorious for its disinfectant functioning seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment. Therefore, tea tree oil is still used for disinfection in these peoples, but also in other parts of the world. The essential oil is obtained from the leaves of a special tree: The so-called tea tree of Australian descent is best suited for the production of the effective oil.