Vol 11, No 1 (2005)

Table of Contents


Intelligent system for fault mechanical detection in power switch operation Abstract
Germano Lambert Torres, André Colen Carrasco
Automation of a welding rotating device in an automotive industry Abstract
José Rui Camargo, Vicente José Fernandes Costa Ferreira
Paraconsistent inteligent system for autonomous mobile robot control Abstract
Germano Lambert Torres, Cláudio Rodrigo Torres, Jair Minoro Abe
Calculation methodology for common work area of multiple robots manipulators Abstract
Francisco José Grandinetti, Flavio Groh
A didactic system based on digital environmental sensors for decision-making training Abstract
Giorgio Eugenio Oscare Giacaglia, José Luiz Azzolino, Paulo Estevão Cruvinel
Decentralized generation system using low cost conventional components Abstract
Lúcio Almeida Hecktheuer, Velington Aquino Neumann, Fernando Luiz Pereira Araújo
Economic analysis for a brewery wastewater Abstract
José Rui Camargo, Vicente Fachina Deo
Technical aspects in dairy biogas production Abstract
José Luz Silveira, Iraídes Aparecida de Castro Villela
Energy from biogas, wood gas and photovoltaic system in rural properties Abstract
José Luz Silveira, Leila Rosa Carballo Abreu, Francisco Márquez Montesino, Ederaldo Godoy Junior, Rolando Zanzi
Gasification of biomass for electricity generation in the Cuban context Abstract
Daniel Travieso Pedroso, Ramon Cala Aiello
Biomass gasification on a new really tar free downdraft gasifier Abstract
Daniel Travieso Pedroso, Ramon Cala Aiello, Leonetto Conti, Stefano Mascia
Strontium-doped lanthanum manganite powders used as cathode in solid oxide fuel cells Abstract
Rubens Chiba, Reinaldo Azevedo Vargas, Marco Andreoli, Emilia Satoshi Miyamaru Seo
Thermodynamic and physical-chemical analyses of steam reforming of ethanol: hydrogen production for use in PEMFC Abstract
José Luz Silveira, Márcio Evaristo Silva, Antonio Carlos Caetano Souza, María Isabel Sosa
Thermodynamics analysis of an absorption refrigeration system utilizing LiBr - H2O mixture for a grain silo Abstract
José Luz Silveira, Luiz Carlos Martinelli Júnior


Catalysts for fuel cell: Production and characterization Abstract
Egberto Gomes Franco, Marcelo Linardi