Vol 12, No 2 (2006)

Table of Contents


Implementation of fuzzy logic controllers using FPGA or ASIC Abstract
Leonardo Mesquita, Galdenoro Botura Junior, Paloma Maria Silva Rocha
Thermoeconomical analysis of a natural gas steam reformer for hydrogen production Abstract
María Isabel Sosa, José Luz Silveira, Alberto Fushimi
Radiative heat transfer calculation in combustion systems Abstract
Carlos Teofilo Salinas Sedano
Energetic and exergetic analysis of steam reforming of ethanol to hydrogen production Abstract
Antonio Carlos Caetano Souza, José Luz Silveira, Maria Isabel Sosa
Environment and legal perception: a study of case of the existing relations between the operators of tourism nautical transport and the state park of Anchieta Island, Ubatuba – SP, Brazil Abstract
Aurélio Daniel Antonieto, Maria de Jesus Robim
Safety and environment information system on customer’s installations of petroleum products Abstract
Miguel Francisco Pereira Azevedo, Assed Naked Haddad
Education and energy: in direction to sustainable development Abstract
Fábio Esteves Silva, Galeno José Sena, Silvio Henrique Fiscarelli
Education in energy: essential factor of behavioural change for the rational use of energy Abstract
Antonio Wellington Sales Rios
An evaluation of the Brazilian business incubators innovation Abstract
Jefferson Souza Pinto, Diego Carvalho Moretti, Rosley Anholon
The application of sterile aggregate of calcareous exploration in low cost pavement Abstract
Álvaro Andrade Rezende, Michele Marson, Eugênio Vertamatti
Microwave absorbing material processing by impregnation of glass fabrics with polyaniline conducting polymer Abstract
Luiza Castro Folgueras, Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende
Effectiveness of different types of anti-burst reinforcements for anchorage zones of post-tensioned concrete slabs Abstract
Sanaul Huq Chowdhury, Yew-Chaye Loo, Scott Wallbank


Automation and control in electric power systems: a review of intelligent system applications Abstract
Germano Lambert Torres
Sustentabilidade Ambiental: Produção e Consumo Abstract
Asher Kiperstok