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por willam princy (2018-11-24)

Blood carries oxygen around the body and is made up of several Activguard Review parts, including plasma and white and red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the working muscles. The process is continuous, starting at the lungs where red blood cells are oxygenated by haemoglobin being given oxygen from the capillaries after oxygen is taken from the lungs. Once the blood has been oxygenated, the cardiovascular system then takes the blood to the heart. It first travels through the chambers and into the ventricles where it is then pumped out through the arteries. The arteries pump blood to all of the muscles in the body and also to vital organs such as the liver and brain, which also need a supply of blood. Working muscles require the most blood and the harder a group of muscles work, the more blood that is transported to that area of the body. This means that more oxygen can be given to the muscles where it can then be converted into energy that the body needs.