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Power Efficiency Guide Review

por willam princy (2018-11-26)

Having worked in the telecommunications industry, there's an Power Efficiency Guide analogy at hand. Refined silicon and electronics are as basic to optical fiber as they are to PV manufacture. Optical fiber shortages spooked and concurrently excited investment in telecommunications in the late Nineties. Then came the bust of 2001. Since then, try as we might, the darned selling price of dark and lit fiber remains underwater. The current end-user rate to make a telephone call to China is consequently under 3 cents a minute and telecom executives now travel Economy while flying there. Point being, why should supply-side economics for PV grade silicon be any different. If a polysilicon refinery takes 5 years to go on steam, so does an optic fiber plant. Refining silicon to PV grade can't be any more difficult than converting silicon to optical fiber and look how sub-sea the sub-sea optical cable pricing has gone.