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When should you get another dog

"Luann Foveaux" (2020-03-02)

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If u got the money, the love and affection for the dog, ur ready

What should you do if your dog is going into labor and there is another dog around?
Move the dog

What should I do if dog is depressed should I get another dog They are not as energetic as they were before and I know its not old age. Should I get a another dog to cheer him up What causes this?
Before getting another dog you should rule out other things that might be wrong. What type of food are you feeding? Is the right kind for your dog? Is something disturbing the dogs sleeping patterns? Is the dog sick? The best thing would be to consult a vet in your area and have a general checkup done first

Is a person responsible for a vet bill to which their dog has attacked another dog?
Yes, if your dog was on leash or on your property and another dog came attacked your dog then the dog's owner should be responsible for all vet bills.

What should you do if your dog bit another dog?
Get it checked out at your Vets. It's better to know for sure that your dog is still healthy. Usually if your dog has had a tetanus shot it should be fine but it's still better to be safe.

How can you prove to your parents that you should get another dog?
Take real good care of the dog you already have and be responsible.

What size dog should mate with your yorkie?
The size dog should be like a Chihuahua 13in and 36centimeters or to be sure another Yorkie just in case

When is it right to tell your dog to attack?
You should only tell them to attack if there is danger. Like, if someone is trying to hurt you, your dog, another person, or another animal.

Should a second dog be another female or a male?
well if you had a male first you should pick another male in case of a sexual reaction

How do you convince your parents to let you get another dog?
give reasons on why you should get another tell them how responsible you'll be come up with ideas on how to handle the dog money wise and show how responsible you are with the first dog you have

Are you liable if your dog bit another dog?
If it was in your yard, 소액결제현금 then you should be ok....but if you were in a public place, they could hold you liable.

When you have two dogs -twins - and one dies should you get another dog for the surviving dog?
there is no need for it

What is a dog owner's liability if their dog enters the neighbor's yard through a hole in the neighbor's fence and kills the neighbor's dog?
You are fully liable because you should have a fence on your side, too, if your dog is so aggressive it would kill another dog. You should probably be in jail, actually, and prohibited from owning dogs. you should have the dog on a leash.

How far from other dogs can you walk your infected dog?
You should walk your dog at least 2 to 3 yards away from another dog. You shouldn't even be walking you dog.

Can a cockapoo live with another dog?
as long as your dog is properly socialized, it should be able to live with other dogs and pets.

Should a pregnant dog be separated from other dogs?
Yes, but try to make it as close to the delivery as possible. If a particular female dog is close friends with another dog they should stay together as long as is possible.

Who is responsible when a dog attacks another dog in a no-leash dog park and should there be a limit of responsibility?
I would say, that you should keep your dog on a leash if he is going around humping things. In a change of state, its the other dogs fault. GOOGLE IT!!!

Should your dog be around another dog with fleas?
If you dog does not have any protection for fleas, no. There are products that are very good for the protection of fleas. Advantage is a good one.

Should you get another dog to keep your dog who lost its companion?
That's up to you, but some dogs want their home all to themselves.

What should you do when your Puppy is shaking after being bite from another dog?
take the dog to the vet it sound like the dog is either scared to death or it's going into shock.

Can a dog catch a stomach sickness from another dog?
I hate to say this but yes they can catch a stomach sickness from another dog just like humans they have feelings and can catch an illness so watch for that.If your dog is sick and is still young you should take it to the vet immediately.

Do dogs act better when they have another dog with them?
That depends. If you are around a lot, they should be find. If not, you could consider getting another companion dog. You should also think about whether or not you dog has aggression problems. Having a companion may or may not help. Just remember: Dogs are pack animals. Talk to your vet about any behavioral problems your dog might face.

If you have a dog and you want another pet what should you do?
I think you should play with your pet dog and see if you can take care of him/her enough and well. If you can then i would buy another pet dog or cat. If you want something small, then i would go with a rabbit or a hamster. BUT I WOULDN'T GET ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU GET TOO ATTACHED WITH THEM AND THEY BRAKE YOUR HEART WHEN THEY DIE!! :'(

What should you do for your puppy if it has puncture wounds from being bitten by another dog?
take it to the vet

Will your dog be ok after getting bitten on the throat by another dog?
Well not if the other dog had raves or if the bite was very very deep and open but other than that it should be fine

Should you get another dog or a bunny?
If you had a dog in the past, you should try something new! Besides, a bunny is more cheap, but they're a lot of work! You need responsibility in order to have a PERFECT pet.

Should you get another dog?
There are a number of different possibilities. Some people have room for a dog, some don't. Some have time for a dog, some don't. Some like dogs more than other people do, and some like them less. Some people have dog allergies, and some don't. I don't know anything about your particular circumstances, therefore I could not offer an informed opinion about whether you should get another dog.

When a dog shows their teeth to another dog does it mean that the dog whill bite the other dog?
When a dog(1) exposes their teeth in a snarl to another dog(2), that means that that dog1 is threatening dog2. Dog1 may attempt to bite dog2 or if dog2 backs off, then everything should be fine. It really depends on the dogs involved and the situation.

Can eczema go to one dog to another dog?
No, eczema is not contagious. If your dog has eczema you should ask your vet. I know one cause of eczema can be from the diet the dog is on so it's a simple change of the food.

Is it dangerous to share dishes with your dog?
If you use a high heated dishwasher, it should be pretty safe. Kissing your dog is another matter (check the question If kissing your dog on the lip is safe).

How do you get over the passing of your dog?
It is best to get another dog to help you get back with your life . It would be best to get one but you will always have your other dog in your heart and every now and then you should say a prayer .

Can a dog get hookworm from another dog?
Yes a dog can get a hookworm from another dog!

What happenes to a pregnant dog if another dog mates with her?
Nothing. If she is in her late term, the risk of trauma to the fetuses will rise but otherwise, she and the puppies should be fine.

Should you get another dog right away after your dog dies?
Some people do, or they might get a new dog just before their dog dies. Some dog owners can't handle life without a dog and won't live anywhere that doesn't allow them.

What should i do if a friend is mad at her friend if she said something mean to another friend?
screw their dog

What should you do if a dog dies?
Take some time to mourn, then move on with life and enjoy the memories of the time you had the dog. If you're up to it, get another dog, but remember they all have their own personalities, so let the new dog be who it is.

Sometimes i feed my dog poo and record it is this harmful?
Yes.It is harmful.You really should not let your dog eat poop.It can catch a sickness called the kennel cough passed from another dog.

Do Great Danes get along well with each other?
Great Danes tend to be very friendly toward one another. That said, any dog that is not properly socialized to other dogs may be dangerous around another strange dog. Great care should always be taken in introducing any dog to another.

If another dog off a leash runs at your dog and your dog hurts the other dog are you liable?
If a dog heads toward your dog offleash, you should probably let your dog off the leash. You do this because if the dog come toward your dog and your dog is o its leash, then it is protecting you. Let your dog off leash so it can play!

What are your rights if your dog killed another dog on your property?
It depends on the leash laws in your area and several factors. If your dog was in his/her yard and if it was fenced. If the intruding dog was a stray or a neighbors dog and should have been on a leash. If you dog was in the front or back yard and on a leash/fenced area.

Why should pitbulls not be banned?
Dog fighting is one thing and the pit bull issue is another issue. Dog fighting is all the owner fault not the dogs.

Is Michael Vick allowed to get another animal?
That dog abuser shouldn't be allowed to ever own another animal in his life. He should be in jail still

Should you get another dog if one of the two Yorkies who were inseparable died suddenly?
yes, it is a good idea to do that

What is a good pet if you have a cat?
here are pets you should not get a dog, hamster, or any other animal related to a rat. here are some animals you should get another cat or a fish or possibly a dog so i hope this will help you.

Can a dog get polvo from another dog?
You mean "Parvo", and yes, they can get it from another dog.

Can one get another dog sick?
I assume you mean can one dog get another dog sick. Absolutely, depending on the disease. Can a sick human get you sick? Why would animals be any different? Humans are animals after all. If you don't know this basic information perhaps you should not own dogs.

Should dogs wear muzzles?
Only if the dog is going to bite or possibly attack another dog. Me personally since i do not have that problem i really dont like the thought of it.

Should you get another dog for your dog?
It depends on a lot If your dog is friendly yes If you don't want pupps then make sure they are both boys If you decide to get another dog then make sure that your dog that you have right now is young because that way they won't be used to having you all to themself and if you do get a new dog make sure you pay attention to both of them that way...

What dog breed do rottweilers get along with best?
If it is well trained and correctly socialised, it should get on with any dog. If you are thinking of getting another dog, try not to get one that is too small, as the weight difference when playing, is a bit too much for a little dog.

Why you should get another dog if you already have one?
maybe because you WANT another one, or the one you have will not help you for what you want. for example, if you have a chihuahua, but suddenly you need a dog that will protect you, so you have to get another one, like a german sheperd, because, obviously, a CHIHUAHUA cannot protect you. i dont know.

What do you do when you dog comes in to contact with another dog and might have a fight should you run?
Stay calm and do not get in between the dogs. Visit website if you have any other animal emergencies.

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