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Google Nest Hub review: Google Assistant helps this tiny smart display feel powerful

"Latia Holdsworth" (2020-03-03)

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Editors' note, July 4, 2019: Despite tough new competition from Amazon, the Google Nest Hub remains our favorite smart display. As such, we've awarded it an Editors' Choice. Note: The Nest Hub was formerly called the Google Home Hub before a branding change this spring. The review originally published June 12 follows.

The Google Nest Hub may be small in size, but it's surprisingly useful in lots of ways, from organizing your smart home to walking you through a complex recipe, to finding you a place to eat if your cooking efforts fall short.

The small gadget is made mighty by the great Google Assistant, and the line is blurry between where the actual hardware of the Google Nest Hub shines and where the digital Google Assistant does all of the heavy lifting. That differentiation might not matter for your buying decision. The Hub is a $129 (£119, AU$199) smart display that combines the functionality of a voice-controlled smart speaker like the original Google Home with a touchscreen you can use to look at pictures, watch videos, browse recipes, control your smart home and more.

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If you're a fan of Google and want a Google-centric smart home, or if you just like the idea of a smart speaker with a screen and want to try one out for displaying photos at home, or for the step-by-step recipe guides, I recommend the Google Nest Hub. The seamless touch controls and intuitive voice commands will even help the tech-phobic members of your family get used to it.

The differentiation between hardware and software becomes much more important if you're able to spend a little more and you're willing to consider third-party smart displays alongside this Google-branded one. Google has a new, bigger smart display in the works called the Nest Hub Max which will have a 10-inch screen and a built-in Nest Cam with unique features like gesture control. Both Lenovo and JBL have recommendable 10-inch smart displays with Google Assistant built-in and most of the same features as the Nest Hub. 

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Unlike most of the other smart displays,, the Nest Hub doesn't have a camera, which might be a negative for some, but privacy-minded folks will appreciate its absence. Otherwise, it offers all the same features as the other smart displays for 바카라사이트추천 a reasonable price and it's often on sale for even less. The Google Nest Hub is a cute, useful gadget at a nice value.