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Xiaomi Mi Note review: Chinese phablet dazzles with quality design

por Juliann Damico (2020-03-10)

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Though still relatively unknown outside of its native China, Xiaomi is now one of the largest handset makers in the world. And if you had any question about where the company is going in 2015 (and that's after a busy 2014), the Mi Note has the answer. Clearly taking aim at its larger main rivals, the 5.7-inch Mi Note is designed to be slimmer than the iPhone 6 Plus while having a larger display, while boldly borrowing its name from Samsung's Galaxy Note series.

Pouring milk in a jar with coffeeWith its trim design, powerful hardware and camera, the Mi Note is a premium high-end phone that sets the benchmark for the company's upcoming flagships, all while selling at a much more affordable price than competing phablets. The 16GB version will sell in China for 2,299RMB -- this converts to roughly $260, £245 or AU$450 -- and 2,799RMB ($450, £300 or AU$550) for the 64GB model.

After going on sale in China on January 27, it will be available more widely in the second quarter of 2015, though still limited to the seven other countries that xiaomi mi note 10 already has a presence in -- India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. If you live in one of those places, the Mi Note warrants a serious look. In the US, UK or Australia, you may be able to get it online (and pay for the privilege), but the higher cost and lack of LTE (for the US) diminishes its appeal. And considering the phone's potential, that's really a shame.