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Hyperinflation is a severe economic event that spreads both physical and monetary devastation throughout entire countries

por Jordan Seevers (2020-03-10)

Hyperinflation is a severe economic event that spreads both physical and monetary devastation throughout entire countries. Throughout history the after effects from these massive economic events have seen whole societies crumble to the ground. I would like to go over several specific steps in which you and your family can prepare for a major economic event such as hyperinflation. We will learn ways of preparedness and how to make preparations that will either prevent or limit the amount physical and financial damage that could possibly come your way, once the economy finally collapses.

The key to your survival is taking action now and preparing in advance, before an economic crisis comes. Once it arrives, if you're not prepared, then you and your family are going to seriously suffer. Preparedness is all up to you. Do not expect any local or national governments to help you. Currently these governments cannot even help themselves and are the root causes for why the stage is currently being set for hyperinflation in the first place. Let's go over these logical steps and learn how to best protect you and your loved ones.

Step One - You're House

An important question to ask here is... Do you own your own house? Or are you renting? If you are renting you are actually in a good position here and need not worry. If you own your house outright and have a clear title you can rest easy here. If not, then is your mortgage payment fixed or adjustable? If your rate is fixed, then is your rate as low as you can possible qualify for? If it is, then you're still in good shape. If you have an adjustable mortgage I would say this, you have two basic options.

First is to refinance your home now for a fixed rate hopefully with lower interest. Your other option is to sell your home now, then rent something else for less than your previous mortgage payments. In either case take out all the equity you can and use it to pay down any additional debt such as car loans or credit cards.

Step Two - You're Debt Balance

Credit cards and other loans especially adjustable rate loans, should be paid down or paid off as soon as possible. At the rate countries currently are debasing their currencies, rates of inflation are increasing while you're purchasing power is decreasing. It's cheaper to pay off these debts now because tomorrow it is only going to cost you more as your purchasing power dwindles. Interest rates have been intentionally low for several years. But when central banks finally wake up to the fact that low interest rates are hurting and not helping the current economic situation. Anyone with an adjustable rate loan is going to be in for a huge wake up call.

Bottom-line here, is that adjustable rate debt will cost you more (out of pocket) money each month to pay off your loan the higher inflation becomes. With fixed rate debt the opposite is true in where you're actual monthly (out of pocket) cost to pay down your loan will reduce as inflation increases.

Step Three - Acquiring Asset Protection

One of the safest assets of all time used specifically for wealth protection, against any inflationary or deflationary forces is gold. Silver is also another excellent asset, both in physical form will protect your assets from the dangerous economic forces of inflation or deflation. Both physical gold and silver will maintain their true value regardless of any economic conditions.

When you purchase these physical metals they act as a check value hedging inflation and other economic forces to insure your current wealth always remains at its true value. You should consider investing any liquid assets now into gold and silver. Also it is possible to convert existing IRA's and 401Ks into "Self-Directed" IRA's where you can hold these precious metal assets into retirement.

Step Four - Playing with Stocks

If you're currently invested into stocks this would be a very good time to get out. This is because as the confidence of the dollar and euro continue to weaken and the debt crisis of both the US and EU economies worsen, influence in these currencies will fall. The loss of confidence in any fiat currency throughout history has always led to its own destruction. This is a better time to be focusing on physical precious metal investments rather than stocks, worst, being in the banking sector.

For Investing Reviews again stick to physical precious metals and stay completely away from all gold or silver electronically traded funds (ETF's) or other forms of paper traded assets. Junior mining stocks are still a good bet but you must do your homework in picking them. Remember too, these stocks will carry risk. Risks than will include strikes or work stoppages due to cave-ins, earthquakes or other unforeseen events that will affect company share prices.

Step Five - Networking

Networking is an extremely important tool to survival. Try to make friends with like-minded folks and family members that can share ideas. Share and delegate responsibilities this includes important items such as setting up food storage, food preservation (canning), hunting for food, mending cloths, security concerns, various construction projects or home repairs. In numbers you have more help, protection, knowledge and experience so you can get through a hyperinflationary crisis as a group easier. Basically you're building a small community of like minded people that you can all trust and get along with to get you through the hard times ahead.

Step Six - Planting a Garden

Fresh vegetables will go quickly from stores and shops. Once gone your probably not going to see much around for sale. Growing your own garden vegetables is a very good option and one with many resources to teach yourself how to do it if you don't already know how. Stock up on various vegetable varieties of seeds as they will become scarce into the future.

When harvest time comes properly preserve your vegetables using home canning methods. Having your own garden will enhance your food storage by allowing more vegetables into your diet saving you a lot of money. If possible, try to also raise some animals to be used for meat and to have a fresh supply of milk and eggs. Your canned garden vegetables and fresh milk or eggs from your animals would also become great items for bartering.

Step Seven - Bartering

Learn the art of bartering because when food stocks become low, prices will become extremely high for food items, if you can even get them. Also money for obtaining goods and services will become scarce. If you have acquired skills in demand such as mending or carpentry you can trade your services for food or other items you are in short supply of.

Other options might include storing small items now as your setting up your personal emergency food and material supplies storage. These items can be used later for bartering. Items that can be easily stored today will be in high demand later to barter with. Such items might include: tobacco, cigarette lighters, lighter fuel (Zippo), baby formula, and glue like epoxy for repairs. If you have a garden yielding a surplus of vegetables you certainly could use them for bartering.

Step Eight - How Did They Survive Before?

By doing a little research online history can teach you a lot about how people of the past actually survived through these horrific events. Chances are you will discover ways you did not think about, little tips or tricks that will help you and your family survive.

Step Nine - Which Businesses Prospered?

While you're in research mode keep looking into what kind of businesses were able to survive during these times. You could possibly discover certain goods or services that were in high demand during these times and if you're an entrepreneur, you might be able to duplicate such an enterprise and profit from it. They key is looking for specific products or services that people were in genuine need of during hard times.

Remember it is imperative you start making preparations today. Once hyperinflation comes banging onto your doorstep it will be way too late for you to do anything to help yourself. Being prepared for survival is the key; do whatever it takes including getting out of your comfort zone. Learn new skills that will carry you through this. Remember the importance of networking.

On the financial side, survival of your assets really lies with protecting your present and future purchasing power. Again the best way to go about this is to buy and hold physical gold and silver. Throughout history gold and silver have always maintained their true value during any economic crisis. They also act as an insurance policy for your assets by maintaining your purchasing power now and into the future.

Be Prepared!

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