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How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server For Your Web Hosting Solution

por Mavis Fraire (2020-03-11)

Often, people take into consideration, two things while choosing a server; one being the location of the server and the other being the type of the server that should be selected from various options that are available. Users should ponder over these two things, because it greatly determines the experience of the end users.

First of all, one must take into consideration the type of server, as there are various types of servers available in the market. The classification of these servers is done into 3 main categories namely, the Virtual Private Servers or the VPS, shared hosting and dedicated servers and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Shared hosting is undoubtedly, the cheapest among all of them, but it is not a very good option unless one is just looking for a basic site for advertising his business, or displaying few images of the catalogue online. Since, shared hosting has its own limitations; many applications find it very unattractive. For example, each and every aspect of the site cannot be customized and also the space and bandwidth that will be used is very limited.

Next on the list is a virtual private server or a VPS. It is a type of shared hosting, but the main difference is that instead of getting a very small portion of the resources of the server and the website just running on an operating system, users can get a server partition for their needs that act independently. Often, users will have the ability of installing the Operating System of their choice on the partition. It can be rebooted or can be upgraded, independent of other partitions that have a presence on the server. 

The last on the list is a <a href="">dedicated server</a>, which is just perfect for customization. It is an entire server which is dedicated to the website and absolute control is offered by it in each and every aspect of the server. No limitations are offered in terms of space and bandwidth and this server, is a very expensive option. However, users should consider buying it only if the added space and speed is needed.

In rare cases, dedicated servers are not very expensive. For example, one can find France servers, USA servers, Luxembourg servers and Netherlands server at very affordable prices. These are very good locations for having the server because, as they are located centrally, benefits of a low pricing can be enjoyed. Many people opt for Netherlands VPS or the Virtual Private server, for enjoying all these benefits, thus making Netherlands a very good option for having a server there.

However, as a bottom line, we could define that all these things should be taken into consideration very carefully while choosing a dedicated server. The bandwidth, the uptime, the scalability of resources and the customer support are highly impending factors for choosing such servers. You can always choose your type of server keeping in consideration your targeted audience and operating system, before making a final decision.