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Education in Dubai – Important Facts

"Val Wales" (2020-03-14)

Education is a prime necessity for all. It is after all one of the most essential things that contributes to the progress of the individual and the nation at large. The literacy rate of the country is used as a significant yardstick to judge the development levels of the nation. The governments around the world have been laying great emphasis in developing the education system in the countries, this is especially true in the Middle East and more so in the UAE and Dubai. The influx of the huge immigration population in the city has had a significant impact in the way the education scenario has changed for the better. Education opportunities and subsequent career development of the local people in Dubai have increased significantly over the last 15 years. Today there are plenty of new schools and colleges in Dubai.

 The presence of international universities has added a whole new     dimension to the education sector in the country. Today, the locals who were earlier rigid about educating the girls are now having a more liberal opinion about girls education and are encouraging girls education in Dubai. With the increase in the local population as well as the foreign expats settling in the region, the need to for new schools and colleges has also increased. As per the recently conducted survey on education sector by the civil service commission, nearly 65% of the teachers in UAE are women.
Even at the primary school and college level, the number of female students has increased significantly. The late father of the current ruler of Dubai, once famously quoted nothing could delight me more than to see the woman taking her distinctive position in the society. Like men, women too deserve the right to occupy high position according to their qualifications and capabilities. Although the number of female students enrolling into colleges in Dubai has increased significantly over the years, the women in the region are yet to get sufficient employment opportunities.
The rulers of UAE are greatly emphasizing the need for developing world class education set-up in the county and that is the reason why today you can see a network of universities being developed in the country. Even the top notch foreign universities are encouraged to establish a campus in the region to further boost the education in Dubai.
Recently, both the government as well as privately owned educational institutions is opened across the city so that both the girl and boy students can benefits equally. The government has made the primary education compulsory for all the citizens. The Dubai nationals are given free education in all the schools owned by the government. While Arabic is the first language in the government run schools, learning English is also widely encouraged. In fact, English is made as the second language. The ruler of the country put forth this mission with a view to providing the Arab nationals an opportunity to be at par with their western counterparts.
With the growth in studying opportunities in the country, several new career opportunities have also opened for the students. Students are able to find quality jobs in diverse fields such as law, banking, engineering, medicine, tourism and hospitality and aviation. The growth of education in Dubai is aptly supported and funded by the government.