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The top 10 mobile stories of 2012 you don't want to forget

por James Chan (2020-03-28)

Until Sunday night's "Battle of the Bastards" episode of "Game of Thrones," whiny boy-satta king Joffrey Baratheon's blubbering death by poison was the most satisfying departure on the series. Then someone let the dogs out. Monday, the social-media world seems downright celebratory about the timely death of Ramsay Bolton.

Disney have a whole slate of live-action remakes lined up in the coming years with the Beyonce-featuring The Lion King, Tim Burton-helmed Dumbo and Liu Yifei-led Mulan all receiving the nostalgia-laced makeovers.

Aladdin is, for the uninitiated, one of Disney's classic animated films about a street rat who finds a magical lamp containing a powerful genie. The original 1992 version starred Robin Williams as the magical trickster, but this time around it's Will Smith they're looking to for the laughs. The remake was directed by Guy Ritchie.

Many will be pleased to hear that the Alan Menken is back for the score and I can't lie, when the brass hits for Friend Like Me in the trailer above, my inner 7-year old started screaming, trying to calm the adult cynic in me.

There's no question Android wins in the worldwide market. But the race is a bit tighter in the U.S. And it could get even closer if Apple reports big numbers in the fourth quarter for the iPhone 5. Apple's been growing its share in the U.S. In the third quarter of 2012, iOS accounted for 38 percent of smartphone sales, compared with 21.5 percent of sales last year. Meanwhile, Android lost share, getting 57.5 percent of the market in the third quarter of 2012 compared to 66 percent the year before, according to a report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Xperi Xperi's track record of getting HD Radio installed in new cars will serve it well when it comes to getting the auto industry to embrace DTS Connected Radio, though as we're about to see, installation is not the same as usage.

Android's biggest market is China, where roughly 786 million Android smartphones are expected to be sold by the end of the year, according to market research firm Informa. This is a 45 percent jump in Android sales compared with 2011.

"Microsoft is now wanting to engage with the scientific community in open, interoperable standards. We want to see if we can do technical computing on Windows," he said, adding that he expected commercial grid software from Microsoft to coexist with open-source products.

Research In Motion was supposed to unveil its first BlackBerry 10 devices in 2011. BlackBerry Balance feature on BlackBerry OS 10. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET But about this time last year, then co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis said the new devices would be ready by mid-2012. Well, the summer of 2012 came and went with no BlackBerry 10 devices to be found. Now as 2013 approaches, the company, which has since had an executive shake-up, says that 2013 is the year of BlackBerry 10.

"Microsoft is now wanting to engage with the scientific community in open, interoperable standards. We want to see if we can do technical computing on Windows." --Tony Hey, corporate vp of technical computing, Microsoft Although he declined to offer many specifics, Zhou said that the partnership with Microsoft will allow customers to use Windows desktop machines in a computing grid and have Windows clusters to interoperate with Linux servers.

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The latest version of the only satellite radio system in the US is called SiriusXM 360L. It combines a satellite feed with wireless internet from a car's built-in 4G LTE modem to offer an interactive experience. You can tag artists so you'll be notified when they're playing on any channel, tag sports teams the same way to know about game broadcasts, search for both live and on-demand streaming content, and even create Pandora stations from artists you hear with an easy on-screen touch. 

The hiring of Hey and Microsoft's investments in high-performance computing versions of Windows are signs that the company is taking the grid software market seriously, said Songnian Zhou, chief executive and founder of grid software company Platform Computing.

Instead of Globus, Microsoft's Hey is focusing on a data-access standards called OGSA-DAI, for Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration. The goal of the effort is to build middleware that can access disparate data sources from a grid.

"Game of Thrones" never shies away from taking beloved characters away from us. (We miss you, Hodor!) But George R.R. Martin and the TV series writers don't just taketh away, sometimes they give back. Ramsay's horrifying death is a gift to the fans, but it's also a gift to Sansa's character. She wears a hint of a smile as she walks away from her torturer's screams. What this means for her development remains to be seen, but this unblinking woman is a far cry from the flighty child we first met way back in season 1. The list includes the CBS Radio stations Entercom acquired in 2017 (note that CBS Corporation is the parent company of CNET), so it's a leading source of streamed local radio news. Having to install an app for one corporate group of stations seems very 90s to me, but at least it's also a podcast aggregator.