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Why Do Kids Love Pizza?

"Anthony Needham" (2020-04-02)

maxresdefault.jpgPizza is a fan favorite among the young for so many reasons. They might say that it just tastes good, but there are at least five definitive reasons why it is requested so often and consumed just as much. From the littlest toddler to the tallest teenager, they crave it and 슬롯머신사이트추천 ask for it every week without fail. If their parents can't decide what to make for dinner and leave it up to the kids, you don't have to think too hard about what their answer will be. If there is a celebration at school, the most reliable solution is a pizza party because, well, the administrators and instructors know that when dealing with a crowd majority rule out.

On one hand, pizza is very popular with pre-teens and teenagers because they are growing a lot and their appetites go up and down, but an Italian pie is reliable. The flavor is always good and they can eat as little or as much as they would like because it is portioned for convenience that way. They don't have to be able to make it and bake it, but they could if they wanted to. It's served or sold across each city so they don't have to wait to get their favorite meal. Good thing? On the other hand, pizza is also very popular with small children. They aren't concerned about recipes and baking or the convenience of locating a restaurant or grocery store for ingredients, so what is the appeal to them?

Well, when it comes to little kids, they most want something that tastes good. That's right, they like an Italian pie for the same reasons we all do, the reliability of flavor. Little kids know that it tasted great the last time and it will probably taste good in the future so they keep asking for it. It doesn't help that their favorite cartoon character or action here likes the same food. But if prepared thoughtfully, it doesn't have to be as high in sodium or saturated fat.

Frankly, whether you're four or eighty-four, pizza is just that reliable food that you just can't get enough of. Kids seem to understand that sentiment better than most. However, we hold on to those ideas all of our lives and return to this one food for a savory comfort every once in a while, or every week for some.