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Make-up expert sparks anger with 'coronavirus mask' beauty tutorial

"Nikole Hakala" (2020-04-03)

A social media influencer has sparked fury after posting a 'coronavirus mask' beauty tutorial video online. 

Fatima Aldewan has been accused of belittling the tragedy of a global pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of people after posting a clip on how to apply make-up while wearing a face mask.

The Iraqi star, who is based in the UAE, shared the controversial instructions in which she describes how to use make-up to sport a so-called 'coronavirus look' with her 80,000 followers.

The elaborate clip, which lasts six minutes, shows followers how to correctly put on a coronavirus protection mask before she begins applying make-up.

Fatima Aldewan (left and right) appeared in an online video putting on make-up while wearing a protective face mask

Online star Fatima Aldewan was criticised for her so-called 'coronavirus look' video

She claimed that video was created at the request of her followers despite the mounting infection rate in Iraq and across the world.

The footage showed Aldewan holding up a box containing a protective face mask, which she took out and held up to the camera.

She then took out a mascara brush and applied it while wearing the blue surgical mask.





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Aldewan then applied eye shadow and fake eye lashes, all while describing the process to her fans. 

The video got more than 76,000 views with many social media users left furious and accused the online star of downplaying the severity of the ongoing global contagion. 

Social media influencer Fatima Aldewan (left) posted a coronavirus make-up tutorial video (right) to her thousands of fans 

Iraqi Fatima Aldewan claimed that her video was created at the request of her followers

One social media user said: 'Whitewash! People are dying from this illness and you are taking it as mere fun.'

Another added: 'Even the coronavirus now has a makeup look. What kind of stupidity are you guys living in?'

An online commentator said: 'People are dying from this illness, show some respect and have some boundaries.'

Iraq, a total of 124 people have been infected, with authorities confirming at least 10 total deaths.

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