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Know the Two Elements that Strengthen Bones

por Emery Willilams (2020-04-09)

Osteoporosis that is, weakening of bones is common among the elderly, but that does not make it a characteristic of the aging process. You can take several precautionary steps for shielding your bones from the ailment.

EVM3R-UU8AABxlT.jpg%5COne of the best ways to safeguard your bones from the disease is by building the highest bone density when you are approaching 40s; bones weather once you cross the threshold of 40. However, you can still save your bones from succumbing to osteoporosis even if you are embracing midlife. That is, if you are middle aged, you can resort to different weight-bearing exercises (such as walking). Apart from exercises, you should also take care of what you eat. Your diet should include two nutrients vitamin D and calcium that ensure your bone's good health.


The nutrient is apt for not only slowing the rate of bone loss but also strengthening bones. However, it is ill advised to think of calcium as a magic bullet; many scientists suggest that too much of any dairy product can be detrimental to health. Apart from calcium, a few other nutrients about which you will read later in this write-up promote a bone's good health. First, let us see how much calcium is best suited for building strong bones.

For those who age between 18 and 51, you can consume close to 1,000 milligrams (mg) of the nutrient every day. However, once you age above 51, you can take up to 1,200 mg of calcium daily for ensuring optimum bone health. Now, let us see the reason for this sudden rise of intake after you cross 51: As you age, your intestines absorb little of this nutrient, and kidneys also fail to preserve it. And that is when the body organs start taking (or stealing) calcium from bones. Now, let us read up on the other nutrients that help in promoting bone's health.

Vitamin D

In the business of bone building, calcium has an assistant: 특가 Vitamin D and K as well, but vitamin D still acts as the indispensible assistant. And there is a reason behind such significance of vitamin D, too the nutrient helps a body to absorb calcium. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight; apart from it, you can rely on fortified milk as well.

So, eat a diet that is rich in calcium vitamin D3 if you wish to have healthy bones.

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