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How to Download Instagram Photo And Video in iPhone?

"Janet Matthaei" (2020-04-17)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites for today's generation. Instagram allows you to share pictures and videos with loved ones, and many times while going through someone's picture or video, we feel like saving it, but the problem arises when there is no option available to download a photo or a video. If you wanted to save a photo or a video, you would have to take a screen shot of it. But now that problem has been resolved with

KKK (5)Why should you use it? is an online downloader and is extremely easy to use. Following are some amazing features of this online downloader that make it user's first and most trusted choice:

No Login- There is no need for the users to login in their Instagram account or the Instant Downloader website to use this online photo and video downloader. Thus, the user can be assured of their account privacy and personal details.

Any Gadget- the Insta Downloader works on all the gadgets no matter if it is a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. so, you can use it anywhere anytime you want. Even the mobile view is as good as the site view in laptop or desktop.

Free of cost- this downloaded is free of any cost. The users don't need to pay any cost for 해외에이전시 using it in any form for anything. Plus, you can download as many pictures or videos as you want, there is no limit to download photos or videos per user.
Some easy- to- go steps

Good news for iPhone users is that Instant downloader is available for them also. Usually, people using iPhone complain of not being able to use some apps, but here it is not this case. Using Instant downloader even in iPhone is extremely simple, just follow these easy steps, and enjoy your photo or video anytime you want:

First of all, open your Instagram account and find the picture/ video you want to download.

Now copy the URL (link) of the picture/ video that you would like to download.

Then, go to Instant Downloader home page, and paste the link/URL of the picture or the video that you have just now copied, in the box

Then click on the Download Now button.

The last, but not the least, the step is to select the Download this image/video option.

The image will be saved on your iPhone.
So, using Insta Photo Downloader is not a tough task at all. Don't just sit back thinking that you cannot enjoy your or some dear one's picture or video again and again, or every time you want to see it, you would have to find it. Just use app, and stay close to your cherished memories. Insta Photo Downloader is extremely reliable and will never disappoint you. So, stop feeling sad and start using it now for Instagram downloads.

Pankaj Jangir is a Website Designer and Developer. Currently he made a website from users can download their photo and videos from Instagram.