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Microsoft's Bing still showed child porn, as tech firms struggle with issue

"Allan Sallee" (2020-04-18)

Bill Clinton joined the Kerzners in London in June 2008 for a dinner in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrating his 90th birthday. Bill Kerzner's career as a hotel magnate had him meeting figures of all manner of standing from all around the world

Why it's great
This film is an enigma of bad moviemaking, and filled to the brim with botched line deliveries, strange cuts and incomprehensible plot twists that'll have you saying "huh?" more times than you can count. It makes for one of the more demanding watches on this list (and at just 82 minutes, that's saying something), but stick it out, if only for the utterly bizarre sequence 58 minutes in where our naked hero gets into a gunfight in the desert with a trio of snakes. At least, I think that's what happens? With Powderburn, it's a little hard to be sure.

It's not just a Geordie/WAG thing, either. A while back I booked in for a cut at the fabled Josh Wood Atelier in Notting Hill, West London, but got a call saying that Gary was unavailable and I rebooked. ‘

If you don't have it, you are condemning them to a life of being left out of the conversation. But instead of all watching separate screens, try something radical like ‘watching something together'. If you watch controversial shows, such as American teen drama 13 Reasons Why, you can lend the perspective of an adult brain to process what they've seen.

While working for a firm of accountants in Durban he persuaded his parents — by then running a kosher boarding house — to take over the lease of the Palace Hotel where he worked at weekends supervising a nightclub in the hotel dining room.

His marital life was complex — but it was also marred by tragedy. With his first wife, Maureen Adler, he had three children; Andrea, Beverly and son Butch, who succeeded his father as chief executive of his father's company in 2004 only to be killed in a helicopter crash two years later in the Dominican Republic.

Alexis first began to get suspicious of Jesse when random women began to pop up either at his gun shop or on social media over the years. Pictured: James messaging a woman in 2016, saying he had a 'good' 'crazy dream' about her, before giving her his new cell phone number 

We've learned that what every parent needs is a way to let off steam — and a means to understand their offspring. So here's our up-to-the-minute A to Z of adolescence, to help you interpret what your teenager is actually thinking...

Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters are superb as the veteran comedian Paul Finchley and his long-suffering wife, Marie, in this excellent four-part drama inspired by recent high-profile sex assault cases involving celebrities.

Social media (‘soche') is Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Omegle and all the trillion other apps that are being created as we speak. It is very important. If your teen does daily ‘streaks' then you cannot take them out of range of wi-fi for more than 24 hours. A streak is like a wee on a post for a dog; their shout out into the void. Force them to break their ‘streak' of daily posting and they might never talk to you again.

Your teen is growing up in a time of great change in terms of sexual identity. They are seeing and absorbing this more than you are. Male celebrities such as Billy Porter are wearing dresses to the Oscars, razor ads feature trans teens learning to shave with their dads and, generally, it's hip to be queer. Teens who come out as queer are refusing to fit within the neat confines of sexuality or gender. This is where the generation gap looms large. Don't interrogate them or tell them it's a ‘phase', and remember you might need to help grandparents deal with it.

Fun fact: Feel-good family flicks can be so bad they're good, too! Case in point, Circus Island, in which an out-of-work trapeze artist slash deadbeat dad falls in love with and marries his ex-wife's twin sister without realizing who she is before reconnecting with his estranged daughter while fixing up a run-down tropical island as a summer circus camp, wherein an angsty and vaguely homicidal mean girl threatens to ruin everything unless a ghostly circus legend can save the day from beyond the grave. No, it didn't make much sense when I typed that either (or when I watched it, for that matter).

The world is run by shape-shifting lizard people whose leaders include the Queen and Justin Bieber. Oh, and the 5G network gives people coronavirus. You can argue with the conspiracy-loving teen, but they know the God-like encyclopedia that is YouTube is right. Yet, fake news is a huge issue for us all. Teach yourself, and them, to be critical consumers and not believe in rubbish.

"It started out as a routine wife-spying job…" is how the description of Powderburn begins on Amazon. Unfortunately, words really can't do justice to this baffling masterwork of awful cinema. Suffice it to say there's really nothing routine about the script's confusingly bad attempt at neo-noir (think Chinatown, if they only filmed about 30 percent of what they needed and had to try and make it work in editing).The friend said Jesse's philandering was so prolific he even reached out to women he had slept with years before during previous broken relationships. 'He was speaking to women who he cheated with when he was with Kat Von D (left),' the friend said. In September, 2011 L.A. Ink star Kat split from fiance Jesse after discovering he was cheating. Jesse's business - and his personal reputation - came crashing down in March 2010 after several women came forward claiming to having had affairs with Jesse. At the time, Jesse was married to his third wife, Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock (together right), whom he married in 2005

Denton Callander, deputy director of Columbia University's Spatial Epidemiology Lab and a senior research fellow at the Kirby Institute, encourages people to view the current situation not as a barrier to intimacy, but an opportunity to express it. 

Teen body clocks change around the age of 15. They go from 6am starts to impossible to wake up. Try shutting down and taking away all screens an hour before they try to nod off. They will scream that they need the alarm on the phone, but you can introduce them to the old-fashioned alarm clock. It's retro, baby!

A couple kisses at the Milano Centrale railway station on March 8, after millions of people were placed under forced quarantine in Italy. "I think it's most important to balance our fear and anxiety of virus contagion by focusing on the human touch or emotional intimacy that is available to us at this time," sexual educator Wendy Strgar says. 

It was around this time that Sol started joking that he had never gone out with a woman in her 40s before. It turned out to be prescient, and the couple separated. In 2011, Heather filed for divorce, citing unreasonable behaviour.

The teen brain isn't yet fully cooked, and its judgment is impaired. Remember that when they make decisions that are dodgy, reactive and bizarre. Give them freedom to make mistakes, but not so much that they don't develop judgment. Try to help them delay decisions if they are het up. Remind them you are there for them, and you won't be judgmental. Because, God knows, they are.

When you look like actress Lily James you can make almost any hairstyle look chic, including the severe side-parting she showcased at last year's Yesterday premiere. But the messy fringe she had at the Golden Globes in 2018 (left) edges it

"If you care about someone and want to keep them safe, maintaining physical distance may be the best way to do this," he says. "Doing this together with a new or existing partner can be a way to bond over a shared goal, build trust and develop a little bit of excitement and energy for a time in the near future when sex is again feasible."  

Instead, the John McClane role goes to, I kid you not, the late Anna Nicole Smith, who stars as an unassuming helicopter pilot who lands on an LA skyscraper during a routine charter flight, only to realize that the building has been taken over by violent terrorists who've taken hostages.

So what are the best boxsets, films and podcasts to see you through the coming weeks of self-isolation? Here, CHRISTOPHER STEVENS offers his choice of free entertainment — and throws in a few films for Netflix subscribers.

(Left to Right) Model Katie Driver with Hotel Owner Sol Kerzner actress Naomi Watts and Heather Kerzner attend a party held for the grand opening of the 500-bedroom Mazagan Beach Resort on October 30, 2009 in El Jadida, Morocco 

The friend said: 'Alexis feels humiliated and disrespected. Jesse has been cheating on her since they first met, it never stopped, she's only now realizing just how bad it was.' Pictured: Messages Jesse exchanged with a woman in 2012 - two months after meeting Alexis 

More than 17 million people tuned in to see if the boy from Billericay and the girl from Barry were still together. Nobody was disappointed. Rewatching the three series is like falling in love all over again. See BBC iPlayer. 

teens today are aware of race, gender norms and sexism. They might not know who Harvey Weinstein is, but they know we need a lesbian feminist Bond. And some are post-woke. This means they can say things that sound sexist, racist and stereotypical, but get away with it because it's ironic. Don't try this yourself.

Wendy Strgar, founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, which makes organic personal care products for women, believes there's no better time to rethink how today's technology, which can often seem distancing, can actually deepen intimacy. 

He was embroiled in bribery claims when he tried to replicate his Sun City success in another so-called independent homeland. He acknowledged that he had indeed paid over £500,000 but denied it was a bribe but rather extortion demanded by the homeland's political leader.

Traffic comes to a standstill in New Jersey as thousands... Trevor Noah leads Manhattanites singing from balconies while... Mother from London, 37, is stuck in Peru with her... World War Two veteran, 93, dies from coronavirus alone in...In fact, my hairstyle seems to have a whole parallel life of its own. I even have an entry on the celebrity hairstyle site Hairlebrity under the banner headline: ‘RJ's new haircut (updated March 2020). Everything you need to know about her controversial new style.' I've made it at last!

The '80s gave us a veritable bounty of bad kung fu movies, but few gave us better schlock than Leo Fong, a Chinese American martial artist, actor, filmmaker and Bruce Lee contemporary who, at 91 years old, is still kicking today. Many will point to his starring turn in the 1986 cult classic Low Blow as a tour de force head-scratcher of a performance, but his turn behind the camera directing the 1988 buddy cop flick Hawkeye (also known as Karate Cops, at least according to our VHS copy) is an absolute must-see, too.

The aforementioned Hairlebrity website asks browsers to vote on what haircut they would like to see on me, offering a menu of nine styles including ‘pixie cut' and ‘long bob' and ‘side-swept bangs'. Dream on, Hairlebrity people! I'm never changing it.

PornHub, which has made its premium content free to ease lockdown boredom, has seen a rise in worldwide traffic. It was up 11.6% on March 17, it reports, with more than 9.1 million searches containing either "corona" or "covid" recorded in the past 30 days. 

Yes, a lot love it. It's their down-time, fun-time, me-time and fight-time. But do ask questions like, ‘Are you sure that other kid is 14, like you?' ‘What kind of messages is he or she sending you?' In fact, why don't you just stand between teen and screen and ask lots of questions? They love that. You could also have a go yourself — sometimes you need to enter their world to understand it.

Journalist Phoebe Valentine Judge, acclaimed for her podcast Criminal, offers an antidote to murder and mayhem with this quirky look at romance. It is described as ‘a warm, story-based podcast to listen to when the news is too much to bear'.

To that end, here's a quick sampling of some of the worst and weirdest titles we've stumbled across on Amazon's streaming service, all of which are free for Prime subscribers to watch right now. Because let's face it: We could all use a break in the age of the coronavirus -- and a few more titles for our watchlists, too.

Where it comes from: Porn. Specifically, a Reddit user with the handle "deepfakes" who created and posted fake celebrity porn videos on the anonymous social network in 2017. Since then, Reddit has banned "involuntary pornography," and places like California and Virginia have made it illegal.

Blogs: Logging the web
What it is: Blog (short for "web log" or "weblog") originally described websites where individuals posted entries in topic-related journals, like a travelogue or a collection of favorite recipes. Today, blogs range from the personal to the professional and even some that are corporate, with many focused on earning income through affiliate marketing and gaming search algorithms to generate more traffic.

Firewalls: IT's unsung heroes
What they are: Firewalls are programs that stop cyberattackers from hijacking your phone, tablet, computer or network. The first commercial firewall software shipped in 1992.

She pulled off a heavy fringe for her role in St Trinian's, then later sported a side-swept Helena Christensen look. But her most recent mid-parted long fringe (left) is actress Gemma Arterton's best look yet

We love drama as a school subject, but many teens love it as a lifestyle choice. For some teenage girls, there is only one volume: an infuriated dramatic scream. Listen calmly and help find a solution, using phrases such as: ‘What have you done that's helped before in this situation?' Acknowledge quietly that their world is small and their feelings large. Perspective comes with age.

One episode explores love after bereavement, and how a father keeps the memory of his late wife alive. Another describes the efforts of an animal lover to comfort a young whale that has lost its mother.

Sol Kerzner joined by ex-wide and former Miss World, Anneline Kriel at the Sun International Million Dollar Golf Challenge in December 1986. Sol was the deputy chairman of the Sun International hotel group and owned hotels all around the globe

The folks at Amazon wouldn't comment on their content curation strategy when I asked about it, but for whatever reason, the Prime Video catalog includes an amazing selection of cheap, terrible cinema otherwise lost to the ages. They aren't well categorized, but with a little digging, it never takes long to find something head-scratching and hilarious.

I catastrophised about my fringe flopping (in the wrong way) for days because I knew the launch would be filmed for the news channels. You may bark with scorn, but every time I'm on telly, people tweet random comments like: ‘More hair than head,' and upload pictures of me with Rick Parfitt of Status Quo (to be fair, we are peas in a pod).I'm not planning on stopping my search anytime soon, so expect updates to this post if I find any new gems. In the meantime, feel free to share any recommendations for my watchlist in the comments section.

'It's disgustingly obvious to anyone with half a brain that the absurd contrived allegations about Johnny's behavior are nothing but a pathetic and desperate attempt to extort money from my dear little brother. Period.' 

I have to admit I am rather proud that my fringe has a higher public profile than I do on social media — but it's a labour of love. So I was utterly unsurprised by a recent survey, which revealed that more than one in ten women blames guess what for being late for work?

'We do have to be mindful of how to pay for it. There has been a lot of fantasizing on both sides about massive packages,' he told The Post. 'We'd all love to do it, but there is the reality of how you pay for it. We just passed a $2 trillion bill, and it would take a lot of convincing to convince me that we should do transportation in a way that's not credibly paid for after what we just passed last week.' 

And it soon attracted a huge number of visitors drawn to the gaming tables and cinemas showing X-rated pornographic films, which were both illegal in white-ruled South Africa but permissable in this homeland.

‘If her hair's not right she's not right,' he told me, as if this was perfectly normal. Which, in a way, it is. If the hair's right, all's right with the world. This is why I ‘sport' a fringe. It's like a dress — it's a one-stop shop of a style.

Why it's great
Oof. Or maybe w-oof, I guess. Either way, if you can make it through all 85 minutes of this one, then you're a true friend of bad cinema. Not only is the script a trainwreck of bad decisions and jokes that absolutely do not land, but the editing and sound design are notably nightmarish, too (my guess is that the filmmakers used a lot of music without owning the rights and then needed to strip it all out prior to distribution). One note: while the film isn't too risque, some of the jokes and scenes get a bit suggestive, so stick with Circus Island if you're looking for something you can groan at with young kids.    

Nowhere received more publicity than Sun City. It was the venue for world heavyweight boxing title fights and Miss World contests, and where Kerzner played host to celebrities including Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Liza Minnelli and the rock band, Queen.

Fleabag, I fear, speaks for me — if not all women. A Bad Hair Day is a Bad Day. I cannot be seen until I have smoothed mine down with sizzling hot tongs or it has been blow-dried by some magician lady from HMU (hair and make-up) into some semblance of my public style, i.e. a heavy fringe shading into — this is important — flicky but not too flicky Farrah Fawcett waves.

Workers rush to dredge NYC harbor by tomorrow so Navy... What happened to lockdown? Disbelief as CROWDS gather to... America's big cities prepare to become the next NYC:... NYC Bar owner, 56, is arrested for 'opening illegal...

"If you usually meet your sex partners online or make a living by having sex, consider taking a break from in-person dates," advises the NYC Department of Health. "Video dates, sexting or chat rooms may be options for you." 

One user wrote: ‘An Afghan hound with all those layers?' Another mused underneath: ‘No, a Seventies porn star.' While a man called Benji Huish has tweeted: ‘I spend way too much time contemplating Rachel Johnson's fringe. Do hairdressers dare not touch it? Can she legally drive a car with it? Does it hide a dark secret? Is it alive?'

Hotelier Sol Kerzner had premium hotels in some of the world's most exotic locations, not bad for a boy who started out the youngest of four siblings in a working class family on the outskirts of Johannesburg. 

I'm awfully partial to the buddy cop kung fu flick Hawkeye (our VHS copy lists the title as ‘Karate Cops'). The high-kicking hero is so delightfully wooden and obtuse, and his partner's Eddie Murphy impersonation is surprisingly decent! You know it's a gem in the first minute.

A free 30-day trial with BritBox gives you access to more than 550 episodes of the time-travelling adventure, from the Sixties to the Nineties — 129 adventures, starring the first eight Doctors from William Hartnell to Paul McGann.

Grindr, the world's largest social networking app for gay, bi, transgender and queer people, declined to provide user stats for areas where residents are currently being asked to stay at home -- among them California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Louisiana, Connecticut and Delaware. 

In many ways, the department's Blackstock says, the coronavirus is merely accelerating a trend toward tech-enabled intimacy that includes VR porn, sex robots and teledildonics. And that's a good thing, says Lora Haddock, founder and CEO of Lora DiCarlo, which makes a range of microrobotic pleasure products for women. Curated by Euro-TV fanatic Walter Iuzzolino, the channel was launched with the breathtakingly good German Cold War spy thriller, Deutschland '86. And don't miss Seventies-set Sicilian police drama, Maltese. If you prefer Scandi noir, there's a dozen listed, such as the brutal Alex featuring a corrupt cop, and Stockholm Requiem that follows a criminologist.

Jesse, who announced the split from his wife in late March, scoured dating sites for casual hook ups and sent racy messages begging women for sex on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, as well as messaging app Voxer.

'With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, this is the time to do our decades long awaited Infrastructure Bill. It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country! Phase 4,' he tweeted. 

Before you dish out another helping of nerd-word salad, take a look at the surprisingly weird, wonderfully layered and occasionally wanton origins of these 11 tech terms that get tossed around every day.

Getting the message across
Sites like O Diaries, a destination for sex-positive information and opinions, have posted tips for keeping things spicy during quarantine, both for those hunkering down alone and those with partners. Such suggestions always involve devices, but not everyone is down with the idea of getting down the digital way. 

The mudslinging made sense, since T-Mobile fashioned itself as the champion of consumers working to right the industry's wrongs. But it opened the door to more telecom executives freely taking shots at one another. 

James, I like your style. I like your stripy shirt, I like your Diptyque candle and I like your little dog Coco most of all. However, I am not sure you should have left that potty visible on your top left-hand shelf. And as for your giant pussy willow, the less said the better.

What do you get when you mix a Gulf Coast oil spill, a dash of toxic waste, and a bunch of dead dudes? Apparently, you get one of the strangest and shoddiest movies I've ever forced myself to watch (and toxic zombies, obviously).

Jesse first met Alexis in September, 2012 at a race after being introduced to her by her father who he was friends with. Jesse proposed two months later and they tied the knot in March, 2013. She's expecting to return to competitive drag racing this year with a new team led by crew chiefs Del Worsham and Nicky Boninfante

"The husband of a friend of mine will be returning from overseas in the next week or so, if he can get on a flight, and she can't bear the idea that she is supposed to shut him in a room until his quarantine period is over," says Juliet Richters, an honorary visiting professor in the sexual health program of the University of New South Wales' Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity in Society. "Intimate contact … is important." 

T-Mobile went all-in on bashing the competition. Legere regularly called AT&T and Verizon "dumb and dumber" and, in the early days of his tenure, relentlessly bashed Sprint. When Comcast and the other cable giants entered the mobile business, he crapped on them too. 

Deepfake: A sordid origin story
What it is: Deepfake combines "deep learning" (an algorithm) with "fake," and refers to convincingly realistic video forgeries. The technology can be used for good, like when filmmakers brought Carrie Fisher back to life as Princess Leia in Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker, or not so good, as was originally intended (see below).

Sometimes every sentence a teen utters is like a weapon of righteous superiority. For people still so small in life experience, they can be bloody high and mighty. But occasionally we adults deserve a bit of righteous fury. Ask yourself: are you helping or hurting their future? Then tell them to go and sort the recycling, keep their showers to two minutes and reduce their electricity use to do their part. That will spur them on, or shut them up.

Clarification for confused gentlemen? A wireless bra is not a bra that broadcasts Jeremy Vine at lunchtime. It is a bra without metal supports, and it represents a joyous relaxation in the structure of foundation garments for the WFH women in your life.

Rapid phone upgrades
T-Mobile introduced its Jump program a few months after its first Un-carrier event in 2013, which let you upgrade to a new phone multiple times by trading in your existing device. The industry later jumped on the idea of giving consumers more value for their phone trade-ins. 

2018 brought us Skyscraper, the latest in a long, storied history of Die Hard ripoffs -- but did you know it's actually the second Die Hard ripoff with that name? The first was a straight-to-video trainwreck from 1996, and you won't find Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson saving the day. 

Being confined to barracks by Covid-19 means celebrities, politicians, experts and journalists must now broadcast to the nation from the comfort — or otherwise — of their own homes. This reliance on video-conferencing applications such as Zoom and Skype has given us all a fascinating glimpse into their home lives, not to mention an insight into their decor choices, unfortunate knick-knacks and personally acceptable levels of clutter.The problem women like me have is that low maintenance does not survive the collision with high- definition television. Women know that when they appear on screen, what they look like counts for 90 per cent of the viewers' judgment, and only 10 per cent of attention is paid to what they say.

Over on ITV, political editor Robert Peston comes live every night from his home in North London. Robert sits parallel to a bookcase that looks as if it might collapse in a heap at any minute, an apt reflection of his sentence construction.

The friend said: 'He had sex with Debra the night before he flew out to California and asked Alexis' dad to marry her and then proposed. The woman later contacted Alexis and told her everything. She even sent a photo Jesse had sent her of him half naked wearing just a towel.' Pictured: Debra dishing about her affair with Jesse 

President Trump has also weighed in, saying he'd like to see a large infrastructure component in the next round of legislation. He's pushing for a $2 trillion plan to update roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

No, there was not much of a comparison to be drawn between Sin City and Leeukoppie, his 25-acre retreat near Cape Town to which he had retired — and then immediately started leveraging by building 48 luxury homes.

By comparison, Matt Hancock's red-painted bookshelves are a right old mess; adorned with football shirts and CDs, with a book of cartoons prominently displayed. If Matt's shelves are a reflection of his state of mind, then his outlook is still stuck in Spotty Teenage Boy territory.

It was Kerzner's vision to transform the scrubby veld in Bophuthatswana into a vast fantasy theme park with artificial volcanoes, simulated earthquakes, man-made lakes, smoke-belching statues and exotic wildlife.

Amid a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives, with numbers growing daily, so, of course, is safety. As many people worldwide navigate working from home, schooling their children from home and even dating from home, sex is yet another area where patience, creativity and technology will define the new normal, Richters and other experts say. 

But he's at his most inventively silly and uproarious on this football podcast, inspired by his beloved Middlesbrough FC. The podcast is crammed with silly voices and running jokes —Bob pretends to be a millionaire with household slaves, lording it over co-host and old friend Andy Dawson. There are 99 episodes, and the 98th consists entirely of songs made up by Bob on the spot, with titles such as Two Large Mangos and I'd Give It Ten Minutes.

'I think this bill has to, definitely has to have more for state and local governments. They cannot handle their purpose of what they do anyway and carry this without going seriously, seriously into debt,' she told reporters on a conference call on Wednesday.

Pelosi has begun to lay out Democratic priorities for the next round of legislation, including more funding for states and cities, including the District of Columbia, which was classified as a territory in the last legislation and got shut out of millions in funds.

Beware the trolls
Who goes there: A troll is an internet miscreant who picks fights, starts arguments or otherwise upsets others by posting provocative, off-topic, offensive comments in internet communities and forums. The first known use online dates back to 1992.

One, it would upset the children and, two, I have an ongoing competition with Claudia Winkleman, the Strictly presenter, as to who has the heaviest, most eye-shading ‘bangs'. I win on thickness but her hair is glossier and straighter.

'We are all Americans. Federal tax dollars are there for the American people. We need to do more, again, for the District of Columbia, which was cruelly treated in this past bill. We want to correct that,' she said. 

On Wednesday, as T-Mobile completed its merger with Sprint, Legere handed the CEO reins to Mike Sievert. Legere will serve on the board until his contract is up in June. The handover came a month earlier than previously announced but makes sense, given the company's desire to craft a new identity following the close of the deal.

There's no 'why' in Wi-Fi
What it is: Consumer-grade Wi-Fi was released in 1997 and refers to a wireless network that connects devices such as computers, phones, tablets, TVs and smart home gadgets to the internet and each other. Wi-Fi can also mean the wireless radio signal itself. 

Barely a month after wearing her hair long and loose at this year's Golden Globes, actress Saoirse Ronan had a short, choppy fringe cut in for the Oscars — it frames her face perfectly and gives her an edgy look.

I love the sense of calm and order in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's study, with his neat desk, immaculate bookshelves and comfy reading chair with matching footstool. Rishi's shelves are packed with no-nonsense titles, inspiring confidence in his capabilities on both an intellectual and a practical level.Many LGBT+ dating sites, including gay social network Hornet, have recently added advisory notes on how to avoid contracting the virus which has infected 550,000 people and caused almost 25,000 deaths worldwide.

Since April recent legislation changes has made revenge porn a specific criminal offence that means that offenders caught sharing revenge porn images online can face prosecution and land up to convicted a maximum of 2 years in prison.

Books on politics and history are usually front and centre, while one imagines that anything by Andy McNab, Hairy Bikers curry cookbooks, DC comics or self-help titles such as Awaken The Giant Within have been hastily banished into boxes.

Here's a little taste of my most recent find, a truly bizarre film about toxic zombies in Florida called Noxious. Our hero is a blue-haired beach bum detective who dresses like a punk teenager for no discernible reason. Cast includes a few too many B-list ex-wrestlers.

This means you will hear arguments such as, ‘I need these fake nails and £50 foundation because it's my right as a woman to look how I want.' What looks like commodification of the female flesh to you is empowerment to her. What seems like dressing for the male gaze to her grandma is her notion of ‘bodily autonomy'.

Those F-Bombs
Telecom executives are not exactly known for being a rowdy bunch. They wear suits and ties and are generally straitlaced and inoffensive. Former Sprint CEO Dan Hesse served as the face of his company for years through a myriad of classy black-and-white commercials, and presented himself as an even-keeled steward of the business. 

An investor call for everyone
T-Mobile also broke the mold with its quarterly earnings conference calls. Those calls are usually reserved for the financial community, with executives offering an update on the state of the business and analysts asking questions. 

An 'emotionally battered' Amber Heard hired a notorious private investigator to dig up any dirt possible on her ex-husband Johnny Depp amid their ongoing bitter legal battle, but the investigator exclusively told he found nothing.

'City of Lies director Brad Furman told me Johnny was a true professional and wonderful human being in every sense of the word and assistant director Paul Silver told me although Johnny was not always on time, held up the shoot sometimes, he was a professional and always delivered. 

International data
Before T-Mobile came on the scene, browsing the internet while overseas was a costly proposition. But Legere changed that, launching Simple Global, which let consumers exchange text messages while abroad without any fees, and gave them access to low-speed data for simple things like email. 

Harwick accused Pursehouse suffocated her in May 2011, saying he punched her, slammed her head onto the ground and covered her mouth to keep her from yelling after they got into a fight. He then kicked her leaving her covered in bruises and unable to walk.

'That's not Louisiana ditch water we're spending, that's taxpayer money,' Kennedy said on Fox News. 'Deficits matter, so I think we need to slow down here and be mindful of what we're doing and let's see if what we just did works.'

The Trapped In The Closet singer had also argued that he part of the at-risk group to which the judge retorted that Kelly 'is fifty-three years old, twelve years younger than the cohort of 'older adults' defined by the CDC as at high risk.'

Killing contracts
Legere's biggest move was arguably his first. Before his "Un-carrier" events -- the company's name for the occasions when it unveiled new customer perks -- became a regular thing, Legere came out swinging in spring 2013 when he eliminated contracts and offered more straightforward and lower monthly rate. At that point, contracts were a standard industry practice. No-contract, prepaid services existed, but there was usually a stigma attached to them because they often catered to consumers who lacked the credit score to qualify for a contract. 

I love the sense of calm and order in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's study, with his neat desk, immaculate bookshelves and comfy reading chair with matching footstool. Rishi's shelves are packed with no-nonsense titles, inspiring confidence in his capabilities on both an intellectual and a practical level

'It is unclear whether the Viper Room or the pending litigation had anything to do with his disappearance, however, Detective Furlong, whom I am working with on Fox's disappearance confirmed the case remains open and Fox still remains on the Endangered Missing Person's list,' Barresi said.

'I learned it and went into the studio and sang it for four days. And I finally looked at him and said, "Barry, I don't even like this song any more." And he said, "You know what we need? We need Dolly Parton." I thought, "Man, that guy is a visionary".' Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci star in an ageing hitman's account of his time with the U.S. mob. The film divided critics with its computer effects, which contrived to make the stars appear decades younger. But there's no denying the power of the slowly unfolding story.

While the MCC barred most visitors on March 13, there are few detectable protocols for screening lawyers, guards and new detainees still entering the facility to check if they might be infected, the filing says. The visiting floor has sanitizer, but a sign next to the single bottle available says, 'STAFF ONLY;' and a bathroom on the same floor often has no soap, according to the filing.

But Barresi said he couldn't find anyone who had a bad word to say against Depp, 56, even after interviewing over 100 people across the US and Europe who had worked with Depp on films dating back 30 years.

Jesse founded West Coast Choppers in California in 1989, which would go on to become a multi-million dollar enterprise - given a boost via a reality TV show named Monster Garage that made its debut in June 2002.

Sign up for a week's free trial of Sky's NowTV and you can binge on all eight seasons of gore and intrigue in the seven kingdoms of Westeros. That's the best way to enjoy this saga of a war-torn continent, trapped in the Middle Ages with its ghouls, slave armies and dragons.

Jesse announced the split from Alexis on March 17, posting a lengthy statement and photos from happier times on his Instagram profile. He wrote: 'Something that will leave a huge hole in my heart forever. Unfortunately at the end of the day our lives were just headed in different directions'

This bleak but compelling four-part drama from Shane Meadows (This Is England) features a tour de force performance from Stephen Graham as Joseph, a recovering alcoholic confronting disturbing childhood memories.

Available until the end of the week on BBC iPlayer, this 1979 prison thriller stars Clint Eastwood as armed robber Frank Morris. Sent to the most brutal and high security jail in America, he vows to break out. The script, based on real events, was rejected by just about every agent in Hollywood before director Don Siegel read it and sent it to Eastwood.

The app is, however, advising users to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing as recommended by local authorities. "We have published this information in the Grindr app to help users make the best informed decisions when interacting with others," a spokesman said. "Physical isolation doesn't have to mean social isolation."

Alexis is the daughter of billionaire entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria (pictured), co-founder of the Paul Mitchell hair care products line and Patron Spirits Company. The friend said Jesse owes his father-in-law $1 million - money he was loaned to start his gun company JJFU in Austin

Sorry about that doll,' Gary said as he snipped away the following week, ‘but it was an emergency.' Turned out that he had been whisked to Russia in a private jet to sort out the hair of an elegant Russian client.

The father of a young woman who was driven to take her own life after a colleague filmed her showering at work reveals he's haunted by the thought he 'could have saved her' in a new Stacey Dooley documentary

She has applied frisky Cleopatra eyes to stand in front of a giant fridge and talk about Wimbledon. The symbolism is lost on me — unless that is actually not a fridge but a magic silver door leading to the Murray family tennis-trophy hall and visitor attraction centre?

Craig Chapple, mobile insights strategist, EMEA at analytics firm Sensor Tower, expected coronavirus to impact dating apps both positively and negatively regarding new users and the amount people used the sites.

Your teen could have been sweetly searching the internet for piano-playing pussy cats and seen something scarring they can never un-see. They might also find porn fascinating. They might feel all those things at once. Acknowledge that for many teens porn is their sex education, and that's not a good thing. Talk to them about body types and images in porn. And if you think your child doesn't know what porn is, wake up.

If my fringe could speak, it would have told me then that my stab at being an MEP was not going to be a storming success. As I wrote in my diary at the time: ‘In terms of my barnet alone, I was doomed.' 

What does it stand for? Absolutely nothing. It basically just sounds catchy and rhymes with hi-fi (as in "high-fidelity" sound quality). Some claim it means "wireless fidelity," but a founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance has pointed out how that phrase is just as meaningless.

'I interviewed dozens of people, who knew him going as far back as three decades ago, and nobody had one bad thing to say about him. In fact, they couldn't say enough about his ever flowing outpouring of generosity and tender heart.'

Need a romcom for your next stay-at-home date night? Consider Love on a Leash if you're feeling masochistic. It's the story of a down-on-her-luck lady who takes in a stray dog, only to learn that it's actually a man stuck inside of a dog's body. The two fall in love, and things go from really weird to really, really weird.Can you tell the difference between an emoji and an emoticon? Do you experience FOMO over Foobar? Ever wonder if a firewall can stop a flame war? If the meaning of these tech terms is clear as mud to you, congratulations -- you're no longer a digital noob. But have you ever questioned why we call online provocateurs trolls? (Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with Three Billy Goats Gruff.) Or which came first, blogs or the word blog? You may be fluent in tech jargon, but I bet you don't know what Wi-Fi stands for.

She travels to Suncheon in the south to speak to the late victim's family, who explain that their daughter was secretly filmed in the changing room of the hospital where she worked by a clinical pathologist in his thirties, who was caught in August last year.

In his hugely popular podcast, Hotboxin', Tyson gives an extraordinary insight into who he was, his life now and lifts the lid on some unimaginable stories as he pours his soul into conversations which range from his experiences of drug abuse and mental health struggles to spending too much money on orgies, all while in the accompaniment of either a celebrity or athlete in a studio full of marijuana smoke. 

'Our nation's history has been forged by communities coming... Rachel Johnson says her brother Boris Johnson is doing an... Mum, you're tea-riffic! How to host the perfect afternoon... 'I am extremely ill with corona': Linda Lusardi, 61, reveals...

Most couples follow a familiar path when it comes to love and sex. We stick to the traditional relationship model of living together and forsaking all others and generally behave the same way in love as our friends and family do. But not everyone sticks to the 'rules' - and not everyone should (stock image)

Linda Hasunuma, a politics scholar at Temple University in the US, said feminist issues were often framed as "not representing the mainstream", and portrayed instead as the "concerns of extreme activists".

Prince Charles recently made a broadcast from his Scottish corona isolation in Birkhall. He has cream bookshelves — I would expect nothing less — packed with first editions and not a football shirt in sight. previously published audio of Heard admitting to 'hitting' the Oscar nominee, and pelting him with pots, pans and vases. The fighting pair seem to refer to a violent incident that took place in Australia one month into their marriage in which Depp suffered a severed finger (pictured)

Speaking about the late night phone call he received informing them his daughter had jumped to her death, he broke down, admitting: 'I just thought she was badly injured. Well, I've lived 50 years, that feeling made me crazy, when I realised she was on the 17th floor, I can't bear to think about it.

At times this feels like their every second word. ‘So, like, I went to the shops, like, and, like, Charlotte said, like, I love your dress, like, and I said, like, you are so cute, like ...' Along with ‘so', ‘I mean' and ‘OMG', ‘like' is their ‘um'. Give your teens a topic and ask them to talk for a minute without saying ‘um' ‘like' or ‘I mean'. You can't change it, but it's fun to watch them struggle.

Many people have suffered breakups and divorce due to porn addiction. Porn addicts could not stop themselves from watching porn and do regular masturbation, which is affecting their sexual health and causing sexual problems.

Evidently, fifth wife Wanda did forgive him and remained with him to the end. They met when she was working at an Atlanta restaurant in 1991 and quickly fell in love, though Rogers had to win over her disapproving parents. 

Hugh Bonneville is brilliant as the BBC's head of values, but he's supported by a talented cast led by Jessica Hynes as awful PR Siobhan Sharpe and Hugh Skinner as the wonderfully dim intern Will Humphries. All three series are available.

Life was good and very, very luxurious. Their neo-Georgian house, close to the Beckhams, Simon Cowell and Robbie Williams, was stuffed with expensive artworks: four enormous Warhols of the Queen dominated one room and a Chagall hung over a fireplace.

Cult of personality
Legere was also one of the first executives to really harness the power of social media. He's a fixture on Twitter and Instagram, and effectively made use of Stories. For two years, he hosted his own cooking show, Slow Cooker Sunday, on Facebook Live. He even has his own cookbook, and has had guests like Jimmy Fallon on the weekly program. 

This ubiquitous flounce seems to appear spontaneously during early teenagehood and disappear a few years later, leaving no trace. It could be that eye-rolling is a passive sign of aggression, or that you're the boss and they hate you for it.

'Psychedelic drugs has changed my whole life,' Tyson said. 'I did this ancient medicine called toad. It was inconceivable, so intergalactic. For instance, I'm in the sky, I died. I take it, I inhaled, I exhaled it and I died, I actually died. His death on Saturday brings to a close a life marked almost as much by intrigue and scandal as by his achievements as a visionary whose imaginations and fantastical creations made him one of the greatest entrepreneurs the world has ever seen.

Where it came from: The term newbie can be traced as far back as the 1850s, meaning "someone new at something," but it wasn't until around 2000 that the shortened, pejorative form, noob, came into common use among online gamers. 

LONDON, March 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With LGBT+ communities warned off casual sex during the coronavirus pandemic, the latest dating site figures show people are sending more messages online to meet new people, flirt - and swap explicit images.

"This is a great time to be mindful of your sexual health, which has proven benefits beyond pleasure: enhanced moods, better sleep and reduced stress," Haddock says. "And there's a lot of that right now." 

For most people, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia.

Where it started: The first website that looked like a blog was created by a student at Swarthmore College in 1994 on, although the term wasn't coined until 1997 on a blog that collected interesting facts and articles from around the web called Robot Wisdom.

Part of the issue is privacy, some companies say. "Tech companies are far more likely to review photos and videos and other files on their platforms for facial recognition, malware detection and copyright enforcement," the Times said. "But some businesses say looking for abuse content is different because it can raise significant privacy concerns."

Young South Korean women have enjoyed unprecedented campaigning successes outside parliament in recent years -- fighting to legalise abortion and organising a widespread #MeToo and anti-spycam movement that led to the largest women's rights demonstrations in Korean history.

James, who was previously married to Hollywood star Sandra Bullock before a cheating scandal erupted, wrote: 'I know a lot of you have been asking if I will be attending the NHRA races this year to work on Alexis' funny car. 

'Amber's lawyers contacted me and said you're the right man for this job, that's how they brought me in. She was emotionally spent and battered and tormented - it was a volatile relationship,' Barresi told

Those who did perform there attempted to justify it by claiming they were not performing in South Africa but in a nominally independent black homeland and so not breaking the international cultural boycott.

If Kelly is released, he would live with his girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, at a Chicago loft apartment and could remain on home confinement with an electronic monitor, the filing says. His trial date in Chicago is October 13.

It's a carnal conundrum. Countless studies have shown humans require touch to thrive, but our new social distancing mandates require us to avoid hugging, shaking hands or brushing elbows on the train, let alone exchanging body fluids. "You should avoid close contact -- including sex -- with anyone outside your household," the NYC Health Department says. The next safest sex partner, after yourself, is someone you live with. And even then things can get tricky, if that someone isn't feeling well or returning from a trip that involved potential exposure to the virus.   

Congress has passed three bills this month tackling the coronavirus: $8.3 billion on testing and research; a $100 billion bill addressing paid sick days, unemployment benefits and food aid; and the $2.2 trillion economic relief package.

'It was irresponsible that they allowed the tournament to... 'Tyson Fury is better than him in EVERY department': Dillian... REVEALED: Anthony Joshua is 'fit and healthy' in... 'I was so sick and I had no idea': Mike Tyson opens up on...

T-Mobile, however, opens up the call to everyone. The executives, who also appear on a live video stream, take questions not just from analysts and journalists on the call, but also questions from consumers and fans on Twitter. 

Like I said, the Prime Video catalog is filled with flicks like these, and that means there's a lot more where these came from. I didn't even have room to mention campy classics like Death Spa and Chopping Mall! 

The problem is, it's hard to achieve the perfect length. Fringes are either too long or too short. Too short and you look like a part of a trendy knitting collective. Too long and it looks as if you have something to hide.

Where they come from: Physical firewalls are literal walls, usually made of concrete, which are erected to stop fires from spreading throughout a building. As technology advanced, the term stuck around, so now you have a firewall made of steel in the floorboard of your car as well as one comprised of computer code on your Wi-Fi router. Over on BBC Breakfast, Green Goddess Diana Moran climbs into leggings and does her workout in a suburban conservatory complete with yucca plant, potted orchids and a side table with four metal legs and a nightmarish plastic daisy head.

The federal charges in Chicago accuse Kelly of filming himself having sex with underage girls and of paying off potential witnesses in his 2008 trial - at which he was acquitted - to get them to change their stories.

Barresi, who has worked for the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Murphy, explained he was hired to look into Depp's 'follies and vices' dating as far back as the actor's Viper Room days, which he co-owned in the 1990s.

Former porn star-turned Hollywood 'fixer' Paul Barresi says he was hired by Heard's legal team last summer to find people who had been verbally or physically abused by Depp and be star witnesses in the upcoming defamation cases in the UK and US.

Bookcase backdrops loom large in working from home (WFH) transmissions. Is it wrong to assume that all those who choose to broadcast in front of their groaning shelves (Jeremy Hunt, Tobias Ellwood and Rick Astley, to name a few) are somehow intellectually insecure?

The judge said: '[Kelly] is currently in custody because of the risks that he will flee or attempt to obstruct, threaten or intimidate prospective witnesses. The defendant has not explained how those risks have changed.'

He spends time with porn stars, drug addicts, Nazis and paedophiles, and gets startling confessions from ex-boxer Chris Eubank and disgraced politician Neil Hamilton and wife Christine. Alarming and amusing in equal measure.

It can be hard and awkward to show more people the indecent image however it is important to show the police the image or video that has been posted online so that your solicitor has evidence to help you win your revenge porn case. The police also have the power to seize evidence, including computers and computer data.

The best way to stop revenge porn happening to you is to not send anything. Regardless of how you send it or how much you think you know the person receiving the material, think carefully, is it worth it? Check your privacy settings of online accounts regularly and don't share personal information or contact details online. Once anything is published online, it can be hard to take it down. Don't keep sexual material of yourself on your devices and keep passwords private and different. If someone manages to hack into your device, they could access everything you have on it.

However, there is still time and treatments to eliminate your child's addictions, but in order to achieve full recovery, they should be willing to seek help, and this willingness can only be created through love and support at home. Moreover, you need to take the addiction seriously; it can be as dangerous as any other addiction.

Kids are deaf to these phrases: ‘How was your day?'; ‘Dinner!'; ‘Please empty the dishwasher'. Yet, if you are five rooms away and whisper into your phone that you think your teen might have a boyfriend, they will come barrelling downstairs to scream at you. They are like bats. Their hearing can be supersonic.

Microsoft's Bing search engine reportedly still served up child porn, nearly a year after the tech giant said it was addressing the issue. The news comes as part of a Saturday report in The New York Times that looks at what the newspaper says is a failure by tech companies to adequately address child pornography on their platforms.

Whereas Jeremy Hunt looks as if he is talking to the nation from a dark cupboard under the stairs, Robert's lair is more spacious — and beautifully lit by a lightbulb coming out of his right ear. This does not surprise me. If the National Grid went down, we could just plug in Robert and carry on as normal.

Apple is reportedly looking at whether to let you change some default iOS apps to alternatives from its rivals. The tech giant is considering letting people chose third-party mail and web browser apps as their default options on iPhones and iPads, according to a report Thursday from Bloomberg. 

Tracey Cox Most couples follow a familiar path when it comes to love and sex. We stick to the traditional relationship model of living together and forsaking all others and generally behave the same way in love as our friends and family do. But not everyone sticks to the 'rules' - and not everyone should

Parents and adults can monitor what a child is watching thereby preventing him for getting exposed to unwanted stuff at an age when he is mentally not prepared to handle it. In fact, a porn blocker can be a nice and decent way to let you know what your child is up to. This will save you from asking embarrassing questions to your child or going through his cupboards or school bag to see what he is up to.
It is imperative to keep an internet watch on the web related activities of your child. We understand that many would feel that this is akin to not trust your child but this is not so. Children are very vulnerable and if they are exposed to something such as pornography then it can leave some bad impressions on their mind. A porn blocker is a way to ensure that all sorts of unwanted content are blocked. In the meantime, you as a parent get time to educate your child about sex education which is a must for all children.Sex tech can be ordered online and delivered. From Jan. 1 to March 6, the Womanizer device recorded a 60% rise in sales in Italy, 40% in France and 71% in Hong Kong, all of which rank in the top 10 countries or regions most affected by the virus. Womanizer also partnered with sex toy seller Bellesa Boutique to give away thousands of free vibrators. "We want y'all home, safe and happy," Bellesa wrote on Instagram. 

Every coin has two sides. Same is with the internet which can be immensely beneficial as well as hugely detrimental to the people if used in an inappropriate way. There are many benefits of installing software for internet watch. Some of them are enumerated below.

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), which identifies and removes child sexual abuse imagery online, said it found 118 cases of child abuse on Pornhub from 2017-2019 but that this number was low and Pornhub quickly removed this content.

But the priorities of the Republican McConnell and the Democratic Pelosi don't always align as was shown during negotiations for the $2.2 trillion rescue package that President Donald Trump signed into law on Friday. 

'I wanted to stress the point that over the years based on people I spoke with close to Depp, he is without question proven himself a man who is generous to a fault. Dating as far back as the mid-nineties, he's covered legal costs, medical bills and even paid rent for his friends.

Apple's services push
Apps are what helped turn the iPhone into more than a phone. They're what get users hooked on their devices. But Apple has been facing scrutiny -- from everyone from regulators to software makers -- over the way it runs its App Store. While people with Macs can circumvent the Mac App Store and download software from web browsers, Apple's App Store is the only way to purchase apps for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. 

If you've just seen your private pictures posted online then you may want to get your revenge on your ex, however this will make everything worse and could see you getting yourself in trouble with the police. The best thing to do is either contact a solicitor that specialises in revenge porn to sort out the evidence and get a case against them.

And the reality star, 50, would turn aggressive when confronted by his suspicious wife, was 'mentally and emotionally abusive' and turned their marriage 'toxic', a friend close to Alexis told 

Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa is greeted by Sol Kerzner on April 2, 2009 at the One & Only hotel in Cape Town. Mandela was invited to the hotel's opening by Mr Kerzner, who grew up in a working class family in a Johannesburg suburb

Borrowing its title from the Casablanca song, writer Karina Longworth's podcast delves into the sometimes seamy side of . More than 150 episodes stretch from the Twenties romance of John Gilbert and Greta Garbo, to the infamous Manson murders in the Sixties.

Gone are the days when children and adolescents use to stash away their cache of porn magazines in their secret hideouts. With the advent of internet accessing porn websites and reading stories related to extreme pornography is very easy. Porn blocker is a unique kind of software which is used not only for monitoring the content that your children are viewing while using internet but also for filtering and blocking the content depending on the setting you choose to make. The software used for web filter will provide a detailed log of the user and his activities. This would include the timing of access and the URL of the website.

Even if you think you know your memes, the origins behind much of the lingo we use every day might surprise you. Like how Princess Leia's onscreen existence has been labeled by a Redditor with a celebrity fetish, or how a lazy fishing technique got mixed up with Scandinavian folktales in the bowels of Usenet.

In a separate piece to camera, the presenter muses: 'Some people trivialise Molka crimes because we tend to associate it with weird loner types who take a couple of pictures up girls' skirts. You don't realise how harmful it is until you hear the extremes. it's horrendous.'

R&B singer R. Kelly cited the novel coronavirus in asking a federal judge Thursday to free him from a federal jail in Chicago as he awaits trial on child pornography and other charges, a court filing by his lawyers saying scant precautions to stem the spread of the virus behind bars put Kelly's life at risk.

Whichever, therapy you use or whatever sex addiction solution, what counts the most is your love and support throughout. Depending on your relationship with the rest of your family, you might also be able to head start at home and get productive results.

The change would let you replace Apple's Safari browser and Mail app with rivals such as Google's Chrome browser and Microsoft's Outlook mail app as your default apps, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter. Currently, iOS defaults to many of Apple's own apps. For example, if you're sent a web link in a text message, clicking on that link will automatically open it in Safari.Best treatment provider for Impotence or erectile dysfunction Dr. P.K. Gupta is the best Impotence specialist in Delhi, who can help you get the right treatment for impotence. He is a well known sexologist in Delhi, whom you can consult for the sexual therapy and treatment.

"The HIV epidemic can teach us a lot about creative community responses to an epidemic that has a significant impact on the ways in which people connect sexually," says Jennifer Power and Andrea Waling, research fellows at La Trobe University's Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society who shared their jointly written views over email. "The gay community in Australia and many other countries developed really innovative campaigns to make safe sex sexy."

'My husband confessed he was into BDSM about six months after we'd been going out. He likes being dominated by a woman and made to perform quite demeaning tasks. We're not talking your average power games or bondage - what he likes is quite full on.

The distraught parents are filmed clearing out their daughter's flat, preparing to burn her personal belongings at her Buddhist funeral, and show Stacey the contract for her wedding venue, where she was due to get married in January.

'I wasn't invited but I was like "f*** it I'm going to go", and I was by myself and I took a taxi and showed up at this random house, and I show up and I'm like "I want to party here". I ring the doorbell and I don't know anybody here, and it's Mike who opens the door and I'm like "no f***ing way". 

In the event you dedicate quite a lot of time browsing, every last internet site you search or weblink that you click on, retrievals and othervarieties of adware and a few of these may link to porno webpages, which continue to keep sprouting up at infuriating stretches.
The simply answer is to delete such material straight from the underlying , in the event you keep doing away with individual documents, a lot more will continue appearing and there may be footprints left on the home pc, regardless of whether you've wiped the document. A number of Online world erase program program has 2 options , automated cleansing and manually operated cleaning. If you happen to wish the software to clear completely on its own all the undesirable records every time the System begins up or shuts off you could check the adequate options and holds the controls.
The next occasion, the Net software will completely on its own clear the Notebook, each and every time the notebook computer starts out.

The Times' Saturday report notes that 10 years ago, Microsoft helped create software called PhotoDNA that "can use computers to recognize photos, even altered ones, and compare them against databases of known illegal images." But, the Times said, Bing and other search engines that use Bing's results are serving up imagery that doesn't pass muster with PhotoDNA.

Sir Phillip Green and Lady (Tina) Green together with the hotel magnante and his wife Heather at a fashion show in London to celebrate the launch of the Empirio Armani RED collection at Earls Court in 2006

Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick, the former fiancee of comedian Drew Carey, is believed to have fought her killer in the moments before the was strangled and thrown from a third-floor balcony at her home.

Sanitizer and even soap is hard to come by in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, with most of its 700 inmates held in small, two-man cells that make the kind of social distancing called for to thwart the transmission of COVID-19 impossible, the filing in U.S. District Court in Chicago says.

FOMO: When envy becomes anxiety
What it means: FOMO is an acronym for "fear of missing out" and describes the anxiety that arises over your social choices, such as when friends are posting photos of one party while you're at another (or worse, at home alone)