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5 Things Matter in Order to Rank Well on Search Engines

"Georgia Scholz" (2020-04-20)

There are several myths surrounding the criteria under which different search engines rank websites. As a website owner or a SEO expert, it is important to understand the intricacies used by various search engines so as to come up with appropriate SEO strategy. Although in the last few years many things have changed in the way search engines rank websites, the fundamental basics remain the same. Here are some of the principle factors that determine the ranking of your website in search engines.

<strong>the<\/strong> user story status report indicates how many tests are passDomain AgeIf you are a SEO expert, you have probably been asked by a client why his website is not showing on Google after hosting the site a couple of days earlier. Your website can take even a month, or more to get listed in search engines after hosting. This is because there are various methods that search engines use to index your pages; of which can take time. Therefore, if your domain is still new just have patience. If you have played other SEO roles, it will eventually be ranked. As your domain ages, the more chances it gets to improve on its ranking.

Good Content Today, search engines primarily depend on the content of your website in determining the ranking. The more quality content you have the better the chances of getting a decent ranking. There content, normally in the form of SEO articles should contain certain keywords that are relevant of what your website is about. Between 3% and 6% keyword density should be observed in SEO articles; having too many keywords in a give page can lead to your site being blacklisted.

URL Architecture With popularity of content management systems increasing, some SEO elements in a website are compromised. One of them being the URL (Universal Resource Locator). CMS websites are characterized by dynamic URLS such as [www]"> which are not suitable with search engines as compared to the conventional ones like [www]"> Search engine friendly URLs rank well on search engines where as dynamic urls are not recommended.

Back Links and Internal LinksAnother aspect of search engine ranking of websites is outgoing links, otherwise known as inbound links, incoming links or outbound links and internal links. The more links you have in your website, the higher the chances of getting it ranked highly in among different search engines.

Websites accessibility Your website should also be easily accessible by search engines. Avoid using flash at all cost. This is because search engine robots will not access to internal meta data and keywords within your content. Your pages should also be easily interlinked. Using a site map can boost your accessibility of your website, not only for the sake of search engines but also for your visitors.
Once you have the above factors implemented in your website, there is no reason why it should not be ranked in What Report Indicates The Last Page Users Viewed Before Leaving A Website? first page of all the major search engines.

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