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This foal may look like a dalmatian but Domino is a dazzling mule

"Aurelio Patch" (2020-04-21)

At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking this horse had adopted a dalmatian

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He was born at a farm in Somerset on Thursday - and his owners were so dazzled by his novel looks they shared photos of him online. 

Pictured: Pandora with her new and unusual baby, spotted mule Domino 





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Pictured: Pandora with her new and unusual baby, spotted mule Domino

Domino's mother is a spotted mare called Pandora, and his father is a rescue donkey called Pablo who used to live on Paul Webber's farm in Axbridge. 

Mr Webber said Domino inherited his spots from his mother. Mr Webber, 60, said yesterday: 'We are lucky to have had a spotted foal - they don't usually come out that way.' 

He added that Domino's birth was a 'lovely surprise' as he had not thought Pandora - his 18-year-old daughter Niamh's horse - was pregnant.