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Tracking The Popularity of The Pressure Cooker Over The Ages

por Sheryl Lemke (2020-04-30)

a-young-girl-flips-the-page.jpg?width=74Only a fool would deny that homemaking is and always was an art and a science at the same time. Your duty as a homemaker will always put you in charge of making crucial decisions that concern the well-being of your family. One of the chief features of this is of course making sure that everyone is getting and nutritious food aplenty.

The beginning of a healthy diet lies with avoiding oily substances and choosing more fibre. Using a pressure cooker can be a great idea if you are on the path to eating more healthily. It will help you get so much cooked without any oil and that too in a lightning fast speed!

Did you know that the pressure cooker has been in use for over 300 years? Some reasons stayed constant over the ages. They:

Save plenty of fuel

Reduce cooking time by 70%

Retain more nutrients
But not always have they been like they are now. Lets us now look into how the modern pressure cooker evolved.

How the modern pressure cooker developed.

Denis Papin, a French physicist invented the equipment in the year 1697. But he did not get a patent for the 'pressure cooker' because it was considered to be a mere of piece of equipment that would only be relevant in laboratories. In 1918 a gentleman from Spain got the patent to the world's first pressure cooker suitable for home. However it wasn't until the late 40s of the 20th century that pressure cookers took the current shape.

Earlier it used to be an air tight instrument that used the pressure from the stream to influence the boiling point. But there was always a risk of explosion lurking in the background. The development and subsequent installation of safety valves helped things around a bit. It has been a long journey from the erstwhile sealed steam-pot to the currently popular induction base pressure cooker.

The only question that is left to be answered now is what are the core reasons behind the popularity of the pressure cooker?

It is Versatile.

Boiling is not the only thing a pressure cooker can do. Its mechanism can be used to make cakes and puddings for example. So you'lo lam banh gia re worry free even if the oven is kaput or missing. It can also be used to make jams and curds. Its versatility scores brownie points with a lot of people.

Easy to make Food for the Little ones

Baby food is so overpriced and isn't nutritious at all. The same applies for food available for your pets. The readymade products in the market just aren't right. Pressure cookers can help you quickly make a lot of healthy food for your babies or even your pets.

It Doesn't Burn a Hole in your Pocket.

Any attempt at pressure cooker online shopping would reveal that pressure cookers are not half as expensive as the other kitchenware. One would assume that since it saves so much fuel and time it must be an investment demanding serious expenditure. But luckily enough the pressure cooker saves you on that front too. Moreover its functional lifespan is over 10years. So if you buy it once you're good to go at least for a decade.

Prevents Carcinogenic Elements from Entering into Food

Starchy vegetables like potatoes should not be cooked in over 120 degree Celsius of heat. Going beyond this temperature gives rise to production of carcinogenic compounds called Acrylamide. While cooking we don't always keep track of the temperature so it can be a bother. The pressure cooker's moist environment doesn't allow Acrylamide to build up- this means that there is 100% guarantee on the food's safety.

Technology is changing so much around us every day. But it looks like the pressure cooker is here to stay.

For over 15years Abhyshek Jalan has been and till now continues to be a successful homemaker who enjoys cooking. She likes writing about home appliances that aid everyday life. She is an expert on shopping for things from web portals. So naturally she can help people with their pressure cooker online shopping .