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Best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market

"Ethel Zelaya" (2020-06-08)

When you're zipping round vacuuming up crumbs, the last thing you need is to be held back by a plug.

Cordless vacuum cleaners can get into tighter spaces under furniture, are lighter to steer and mean you don't need to stop and unplug when you're going from room to room. They've got just as much suction as vacuum cleaners with wires and enough battery life to last a few rooms.

From machines with dirt-searching LEDs to robot cleaners that mean you don't have to lift a finger, here are eight cordless vacuums that make light work of cleaning.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Large, £499.99
Dyson are so convinced of the suction power of the V10 that they announced after its launch that they would no longer make corded vacuum cleaners. It has 14 cyclone chambers fueled by a powerful motor that can reach 125,000 rpm to suck up all manner of dirt.

Allergy sufferers will appreciate the filter, which is capable of capturing 99.97 per cent of allergens in the air, and an LED illuminates when it needs clearing.

It has three power settings, with medium allowing you 30 minutes of vacuuming per charge and low providing 60 minutes. It's a powerful beast.

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iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum, now £301.08 (save £65.59)
The Roomba 960 is a Wi-Fi connected smart Robotic vacuum cleaner that enables you to rest while dirt is sucked up. You won't even need to get up and turn it on as it works with Alexa and Google voice activated speakers.

With i-adapt responsive navigation technology, the Roomba 960 will find its way around the room, ensuring every area is covered. 

It also has Dirt Detect technology, which means that when it finds more dirt than usual concentrated in one area, it will work harder to clean that area until the sensors detect lesser particles in that space.

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Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum, £219
For the mid-range price, this has incredible suction power. It also has some incredibly useful extra features like dust-tracker LED headlights that looks like a torch, illuminating its path so dust nowhere to hide.

Its motor is brushless, which gives you up to three times greater performance and spins up to 2.5 times faster than a traditional brushed vacuum motor. 

It's also smaller and lighter than other motors. The whole thing weighs just 3.1kg and can be fully charged in just three hours.

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Miele Scout RX2 10673870 Bagless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, now £539 (save £161)
Perfect for those who don't enjoy vacuuming at all, the Scout RX2 can clean when you're out of the house at work or socialising. 

A mobile app allows you to turn on and steer the robot vacuum cleaner when out and about. The cleaner transmits live images from your home to your mobile device, thus acting as a pet monitor or burglar alarm as well as picking up dirt.

There are side brushes to clean corner areas and along walls, and smart navigation technology to cover the entire room and find its way back to its charging station.

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GTech MK2 AirRam Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, £199.99
The new AirRam MK2 performs well on both carpet and hard floors with no settings to change. Unique AirLOC technology effortlessly picks up large debris as you push the vacuum forwards and locks on the backstroke to suck up embedded dust and fine dirt.

The cleaning head has been designed to give good edge cleaning, getting into those awkward corners and cleaning up to the skirting boards.

It's also the easiest vacuum to empty as dirt is compressed in the head of the vacuum and you just twist the ejector arm to slide it into the bin.

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Shark IZ251UK Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, £349
The Shark IZ251UK can run for an impressive 80 minutes from a single charge, giving you all the time you need to spruce up your home. 

The DuoClean Floorhead has two brush rolls that work together to capture fine and embedded dirt, making it perfect for both carpets and hard floors.

If you have long hair or pets, you'll appreciate the Anti Hair Wrap technology, which means you won't have to spend time untangling your hair from the bristles of the vacuum. If you have allergies, you'll love the anti-allergen complete seal that traps 99.9 per cent of allergens.

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Bosch Athlet Power BBH65KITGB Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, £149
The Bosch Athlet Power is a John Lewis best canister vacuum seller thanks to the impressive suction power it delivers for the low price point.

Dust is separated and picked up effortlessly thanks to the large diameter of the floor head and its aerodynamic design.

Special bristles provide optimum cleaning performance on hard floors as well as carpets, while a SmartSensor helps maintain constant suction. What's more, another unique sensor constantly checks performance and an LED signal lets you know when the filter needs cleaning.

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Morphy Richards Supervac Pro 2 In 1, £267
The powerful Supervac Pro can be used in upright mode for quick and easy cleaning on floors and then in handheld mode on stairs and in the car.

In upright mode, there is a handy one click back saver button, which collapses the machine to allow you to easily vacuum under furniture without bending down. 

There are a variety of accessories included such as a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery brush so you can truly use it on all kinds of surfaces. It charges in four hours for a 60 minute run time around the house.

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