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Creative packed a multi-speaker system into this dongle

"Odell Dalziel" (2020-06-25)

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Multi-speaker sound systems are great -- too bad you can't take them with you on the commute to work. Audio company Creative thinks it has the next best thing, a dongle that gives headphones the power to create acoustic, 3D sound in your ears. 

Creative calls it Super X-Fi, unveiling the tech on Monday at CES 2018. It comes mainly in the form of a dongle that plugs into your phone or computer. You plug your headphones into the other side to experience its musical superpowers. The headphones then map out your ears in real time, and use artificial intelligence to create different room acoustics -- all within your ears. Creative calls this SXFI map "audio holography." 

In other words, 바카라 it's Coachella Tupac, but for your ears.