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What breaks more bones cheer or football

por Anton Mcdougal (2019-07-04)


Which bones are more likely to be injured when playing a contact sport such as Australian football?
emorys moms fragile bones Read More

share: What is a brittle material?
a brittle is something that breaks easily with out more opposition like bones for instance.. Read More

share: What Do I Say To My best friend To Cheer Her Up When Her Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her?
Theres more fish out in the sea not just the one you will be able to find another one. Read More

share: Do you need most energy for soccer or football?
It's possible you need more stamina for soccer since breaks are rare, but more build for football since hits are harder. Read More

share: Why is muscular strength important in football?
so you wouldn't break bones and absorb more impact. Read More

share: Is football the most dangerous sport?
No. compared to competitive is crazy easy and yes i have played both. If you want more information, then look up the question : What is the most dangerous sport? Read More

share: What is more painful cheer are swimming?
cheer Read More

share: Why is there competitive cheer?
For people who don't want to cheer sideline, like a more challenging cheer experience, or want to cheer year round Read More

share: What is the kinds and levels of cheer?
There are three main typed of cheer: Recreational cheerleading, which is more for local football teams and does not involve much skill at all. you can do this without having any experience. Allstar Cheerleading, which is for people who really have a desire to cheer. This type of cheer is not cheap. Allstar cheer involves alot (tumbling, jumps, dance, stunting). At least, a basic understanding of cheerleading would help if you are pursuing allstar cheer... Read More

share: What does cheerleading levels mean?
That there is Cheer 1, Cheer 2, Cheer 3, Cheer 4, and so on. Levels are like how advanced the class is. Cheer 1 is easy and Cheer 5 is more difficult. Read More

share: Do football players get hurt more than swimmers do?
Of course, if you don't know how to swim, you could possibly get hurt more but in football, you get trampled over loads of men that are like 200-350 pounds, of course you'll get your bones crushed. Read More

share: Should you do cheer leading or cross country?
Cheer leading trust me. It's way more fun I had the same problem and cheer leading is the best choice. And I got in better shape and lost more weight believe it or not Read More

share: What is the difference between youth cheer and junior cheer?
Junior cheer is more advanced than youth cheer and junior cheer has a higher age level for example youth would have 9-12 year old and junior would have 13-16 Junior cheer is not always more advanced than youth. Because you could have a youth level 5, and a junior level 4 and that would mean the youth would be more advanced than the junior. the only difference are the ages. Read More

share: Why bone of elder people break easily than younger bone?
As we age, the bones lose calcium, which lowers their density, making older people more prone to breaks. Read More

share: Is cheer-leading more dangerous than soccer?
no because im a cheer leader and soccer player Read More

share: What causes a spiral bone fracture with out trauma to bone or body?
Spiral bone fractures, or any fracures for that matter, could be caused by malnourishment of the bones. Weak bones=more breaks and fractures. Bone injury is almost always a result of trauma, however. Read More

share: What is a officer for cheer leading?
I need to get more strength and be more stronger. Read More

share: Do you break your leg more in soccer or football?
You break more bones in soccer but u get more knock outs. I mean witch one do u want break your leg in half or get knocked out for few minutes Read More

share: Is cheer better then gymnastic?
In my opinion, yes cheer is better than gymanstics. You can make friends easier because unlike gymnastics it is more of a team sport. Everyone has to work together to either hit a stunt or complete a dance routine. Gymnastics is a necesity for cheer. You are more likely to make a cheer team if you can tumble. Cheerleading in my opinion definitly is more fun than gymastics. Read More

share: What is the anatomical term for the location of a common childhood fracture caused by catching yourself during a fall?
A green stick fracture: When the bone breaks incompletely, much in the way a green twig breaks. Common in children whose bones are more flexible than those of adults. Read More

share: Is soccer more expensive than cheer leading?
No Read More

share: What is fired up?
Fired Up is a movie that was released in Feburary 2009. It is a movie about two High School star football players Nick and Shawn, who don't want to spend another summer at football camp. Shawn and Nick have been with every girl at their school and they are looking for fresh produce. Shawn wants to go to cheer camp to meet girls. Nick makes up a lie to tell their coach they can't go... Read More

share: Do you have more bones then muscles?
you have 640 muscles and 206 bones. Which means that you have more muscles then bones. Read More

share: Is competitive cheer or varsity cheer more fun?
It depends based on what you like better. If u like showing off ur body do varsity cheer. But if you do varsity ur on the side lines and your not doing many stunts. Now In competitor cheer you get to do flips and REALLY REALLY cool stunts. You also have more fun and your in the spot light. But its totally up 2 u!! I do competitve cheer and i love it so much... Read More

share: What is the difference between a sprained thumb and a broken thumb?
In a sprained thumb, the ligaments have been torn. With a broken thumb, one or more of the bones has actually been broken. Sprains can be just as painful as breaks. Read More

share: Does a baby have more bones or fewer than an adult?
it has more bones Read More

share: What do cheerleaders do?
well, you dance, cheer, show spirit, tumble, and build(stunt) most cheerleaders take gymnastics for Twenty years later to get their backhandsprings. and you cheer for 2 seasons(well, at my school you do)-basketball and football. we practice 3 times a week, and during the summer we go to cheer camp and we compete for trophies and ribbons every night, and at my school we go to a stunt clinic. And my squad has my old gymnastics coach as... Read More

share: Are there More bones in hands or body?
As the bones of the hand are in the body and there are bones other than those of the hand in the body, it follows there are more bones in the body. Read More

share: Do people who have a flexible body have more bones?
No, people who are more flexible do not have more bones. Read More

share: Cheer for ages 6-12?
There are literally cheer teams everywhere for all ages. Look into Pop Warner or just google cheer teams in * your city* most places have either an all star competitive team or a Pop Warner which is a more traditional type of cheer. good luck! Read More

share: Why is sports good for bones?
The sports that have physical demands are what I believe to be good for the bones. Such sports like basketball, football, soccer, running, cycling, and swimming and other that needs footwork and exercise of the arm and the rest of the physical body. These sports allow more stress and impact from exercise to the bones thus stimulating them to be a lot healthier and stronger. Read More

share: Do infants have more bones than adults?
Yes, infants have about 30 more bones than adults. As we get older, the bones fuse together to get the 206 bones most adults have. As an infant, these bones (especially those in the skull) are un-fused and thus make up "more" bones. Read More

share: Do children's bones break more often than adults?
No, they are more pliable when you are younger; when you're older they're more brittle. However children often engage in riskier behavior (climbing, jumping fro unsafe heights, etc.) resulting in falls and similar accidents. This causes more frequent bone breaks. Read More

share: Is football more important than fishing?
football is more popular than football! Read More

share: Do more students forget what they learned over short breaks or long summer breaks?
Probably long summer breaks Read More

share: What are mammoth bones?
Calcium, and bones(be more specific). Read More

share: Does a human have more muscles or bones in your body?
There are 600 muscles in the body. They are 206 bones. So there are many more muscles than bones. Read More

share: Why does ababy have more bones than an adult?
When a baby is born, yes it will have more bones. The bones will merge together and become a single bone. Read More

share: What is the difference between jv and varsity cheer?
varsity cheer is mostly for junior and senior cheerleaders do to the fact that they have more experience in the sport whereas jv cheer is mostly for sophomores and freshmen due to the fact that they have less experience, but will ultimately make varsity as they gain more experience. there are cases where freshmen and sophomores go straight to varsity. Read More

share: Does the ear have more bones then your feet?
Human ankle and feet have 52 bones in them and feet alone have 26 bones in it. The human ear has 3 bones in the middle ear. So the feet have more bones than the ear has. Read More

share: Does a man have more bones then a woman?
No, a female has 1-2 more bones than a male. Read More

share: Who has more bones human or cat?
a cat has more bones that a human i think any way Read More

share: What word describes 'help feel more cheerful'?
Cheer up. Read More

share: Which is more dangerous dancing or football?
football is more dangerous Read More

share: In old age bones may become?
When a person becomes older, there bones will become more dense. When bones are more dense, they can break easily. Read More

share: What ages can be cheerleaders?
Any ages can be cheerleaders from 3-100 there are a lot of different cheer leading teams, some are open, some are school teams. Cheer leading isn't just a "give me a A" and all that stuff. Cheer leading is so much more. It is so fun you cheer, you dance, you stunt and tumble when you are on great cheerleading teams. Read More

share: What liked more rugby or football?
If by football you mean soccer, then football would be more liked. If by Football you mean American Football, then Football would still be more liked. It's all a matter of personal opinion. Some people may like football more (regardless if it is proper football (soccer) or American football (as in the NFL)), while others, still, may enjoy rugby more. Read More

share: Which has more bones your foot or your hand?
There are typicaly more in your hand. There are 27 bones in your hand. There are 26 bones in your foot. (There are two sesimoid bones in you Big Toe but that is usually not counted.) Read More

share: What is important for bones?
calcium is much more important to the bones Read More

share: The coxal bones are more commonly known as the?
hip bones Read More

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