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If you have children and they love displaying their letters, cards and pictures then a neon board backed by a foam board or a firm board sheet is perfect

"Harriet Ride" (2019-07-23)

If you have children and they love displaying their letters, cards and pictures then a neon board backed by a foam board or a firm board sheet is perfect. You could use neon boards all over the home to make notices and reminders for the kids or yourself. The neon boards can be written on and that gives a lot of versatility, a notice in the bathroom to remind kids to put used towels in the washing hamper would be great. What about basic cooking instructions for things written up for the kitchen or a notice by the door for the kids to check they have everything before leaving the house could be a good idea.

In the workplace a neon board is a must and can be used for a lot of different things in a huge array of different workplaces. Stores can use neon boards to brilliant effect whether it's to draw people to special offers or to give them a place to read notices. In office environments a neon board really comes into its own. Neon board used in presentations can get your message across and get the information noticed. Display boards with information on are another popular use of a neon board as they draw people's attention and the information is more likely to be read.

Restaurants, cafes and pvc foamboard murah bars are other businesses that could make massive use of a neon board or two! Menus on a neon board or any special prices or offers could be marked up on a neon board to very good effect. Bright, colorful, noticeable and in many colors, neon boards are what you really need to get anything noticed. Another place where neon boards on display can create quite an eye-catching effect is at trade fares and exhibitions, and they get you and your product noticed. You need an edge where there are a lot of similar businesses vying for attention and if you can stand out from the crowd then you're going to get more notice paid to you.

School kids of any age will love working with any neon board whether it's for specific projects or just giving them free reign with art and creativity. A picture board could be created with a neon board as the backdrop; happy family pictures pinned to a bright board can make you smile because they remind you of happy times. If you have lots of vacation pictures you could put them on display so you can be reminded of the fabulous time you had. Pictures can be put in albums but how often do you actually dig them out, probably not very often.

Be creative with neon boards and what you use them for, they shouldn't just be confined to boring uses. Create exciting and eye catching art on them, make recipe displays, decorate them with beads and sequins or borders and artwork. Whenever you need someone to focus on something whether it's information or directions or even just keeping a cooking area clean a neon board could be used. If you make important notices look more interesting with bright colors and neon then people will read it and remember it.

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