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Is Liverpool a City

por Rosalie Kirsova (2019-09-23) is Football Club

Is Liverpool a large city?
is liverpool a large city ?

share: Is Liverpool a city or a town?
Liverpool is a city in England

share: Is Liverpool a village town or city?
Liverpool is a city.

share: Is liverpool a coutry?
No, Liverpool is a city in the country of England.

share: Is Liverpool a London boroughs?
No. Liverpool is an entirely different city.

share: How do you say what city are you from in Spanish?
i am from (liverpool) - soy de (liverpool)

share: What has the author Liverpool City Council written?
Liverpool City Council has written: 'Smithdown ward profile'

share: When was Liverpool first made?
The first Liverpool as in the city was 1208 and Liverpool as in the football club was founded in 1892.

share: What is the Liverpool postcode?
They start with L. Liverpool city centre is L1

share: Is Liverpool the poorest city in Europe?
No. In fact, Liverpool is one of the richest.

share: When was Hampton by Hilton Liverpool City Centre created?
Hampton by Hilton Liverpool City Centre was created in 2009.

share: Is liver pool in England?
Yes, Liverpool is located in England. Liverpool was formed in 1207 and became a city in 1880. Liverpool is the sixth most populated city in all of England.

share: Is Liverpool a Shire?
no its a city

share: Is Liverpool a county?
No, it is a city.

share: How far is it from Liverpool to Wales?
Not sure how to answer this - Liverpool is a city (in England) while Wales is a country. Are you looking at a particular city in Wales?

share: When visiting Liverpool city center what would the main attraction to visit be?
The Liverpool city center is a very ideal and attractive touring place. The main attractions in the Liverpool city center are Everyman Theatre and the Echo Arena.

share: What is liverpool famous?
Liverpool is famous for their football club, a museum and the city of the Beatles.

share: Which british city is further south Liverpool or doncaster?
Liverpool is further south

share: Is Liverpool a major city in Ireland?
Liverpool is a large city in England, not Ireland. There are many people of Irish descent in Liverpool, and it is sometimes referred to, jokingly, as "The Capital of Ireland" but this IS only a joke.

share: What is the area of City of Liverpool New South Wales?
The area of City of Liverpool - New South Wales - is 305.5 square kilometers.

share: How high above sea level is Liverpool City Center UK?
Liverpool is a coastal city so it's at sea level.

share: Where is the university of Liverpool located at?
The University of Liverpool is located in Liverpool England at Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside L69 3BX, United Kingdom. The University's main campus is in the Liverpool City Center.

share: What part of England is Liverpool?
Liverpool is a city in Merseyside, located in the North West of England.

share: What is the city of Liverpool famous for?
It's waterfront and camisetas futbol baratas port Liverpool Football Club The Beatles

share: Which continent is Liverpool in?
Liverpool is a city in England, which is on the island of Britain and is part of the continent of Europe.

share: How many Muslims live in Liverpool?
how many approximatly Muslims live on the city Liverpool

share: How many league championships have Everton and Liverpool won between them the city of Liverpool won?
27 , 18 for Liverpool and 9 for Everton

share: Where do Liverpool players live?
They can live anywhere! However depending on what club you play for (Liverpool) they are advised to stay in or close to the city. Mist Liverpool players live in Liverpool

share: Where did Liverpool get their name from?
The city that the team is in.

share: What city were the beatles from?
They were from Liverpool, England

share: Who transferred from Liverpool g Leeds g Man City g Liverpool g Cardiff City g Blackburn?
Robbie Fowler

share: What is the population of the city of Liverpool?
Liverpool is currently the sixth most populated city in all of England and the eighth most populated city in Britain with a total of 466,400 people as of 2011.

share: Is Blackpool in Liverpool?
No, Blackpool is at town 20 miles north (as the crow flies) of the City of Liverpool.

share: What is the latitude and longitude of the city Liverpool?
Liverpool is 53.41154 degrees North and 2.99012 degrees West.

share: What is the capital of Liverpool?
Liverpool is a city-- either in upstate New York (USA) or in Northwest England (UK). Cities do not have capitals, and neither Liverpool is the capital of anything. The capital city of England, and also of the UK, is London.

share: What is the name of the largest city in merseyside?
the largest city in merseyside - liverpool

share: Who is the patron saint of Liverpool?
St Nicholas is the patron saint of the city of Liverpool. The Liverpool Roman Catholic Archdiocese is under the patronage of Christ the King.

share: Is liverpool the best city?
Yes definitely

share: What is a city at the mouth of the river mersey?
It is Liverpool

share: What is the next fixture for Liverpool?
Manchester City

share: What city where The Beatles born in?
Liverpool, England

share: Which city is famous for the beatles?
Liverpool, England.

share: What city is the birthplace of beatles?

share: What state is Liverpool UK in?
Liverpool is a seaport city near London in the United Kingdom . . . that is, England. It is not in a state.

share: Where is tuebrook UK?
It is an inner city area of Liverpool which lies in the parliamentary constituency of Liverpool West Derby

share: Who is number 11 in Liverpool?
Oussama Assaidi is the number 11 of Liverpool , who is at the moment , at loan to Stoke City

share: Who has played for Liverpool everton and leeds?
Nick Barmby played for Everton, Liverpool & Leeds United. Billy Scott played for Everton, Liverpool & Leeds City.

share: What team is better Liverpool or man city?
It is hard but i think it is man city.

share: Are man city vs Liverpool today?
21 Nov 6:15pm: Liverpool vs. Manchester City there u go.. n their next match in in February

share: Who has played in the Manchester Liverpool and north London derbies?
Nicolas Anelka has played for Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

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