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Which team is better Chelsea or Liverpool

"Cory Rowland" (2019-10-09)


Which is better Chelsea or Liverpool in playing?
of course Chelsea Liverpool are crap their even worser than every team Chelsea is better Way!

share: Is chealsea beter than Liverpool?
Yes Chelsea are a better team then Liverpool.

share: Is Liverpool better than Chelsea?
In some ways yes.. Liverpool is better then Chelsea. Chelsea is the team that always cheet Liverpool have a good mix of young and experienced players.. Unlike Chelsea, some are Experienced (but verrry old) Players.... This obviously means Liverpool are better. Actually Liverpool because they the secound most successful club in the Barclay's primier league. In addition to this Satchin supports Chelski so even though Liverpool are pathetic, they are much better than Chelski CHELSEA... Read More

share: Who is the better side Liverpool or everton?
Liverpool but Chelsea is a lot better

share: Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?
Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

share: What is the best team in the galaxy?
Liverpool and Chelsea

share: Does Fernando Torres like Liverpool or Chelsea?
He likes chelsea,because he knows he will do better at chelsea

share: Is Liverpool better or Chelsea?
Liverpool were better scoring goals 2-0 to Chelsea, but only because Lapmard was red carded so I say they are equal, jks lol Chelsea for lyf fagits

share: How many times has Liverpool beaten Chelsea in 2012?
It doesn't matter Liverpool are better! ;)

share: Are Liverpool better than Chelsea?
Not on current form

share: Are Liverpool the worst team ever?
Liverpool are the worst team in the whole world, even beating Chelsea in the pile of social mess. That is an achevment

share: Which team kits do Adidas make?
LIVERPOOL!! Chelsea, Bayern Munich...

share: Who has most fans Liverpool or Chelsea?
liverpool, it's simple , liverpool stadium capacity is 45.000 and chelsea stadium is : 42.000, but i will not make stadium capacity be the reason, liverpool fans is has the msot fan as described when liverpool termination with adidas is been described with adidas, that liverpool with adidas is become the most number 3 shirt seller in the world. than look at the trophies. Premier League : Liverpool 18-4 Chelsea Champions League : Liverpool 5-1... Read More

share: What is a better team Chelsea or arsnal?
fam Chelsea is way better

share: Is man utd rubbish?
no they are a great team Chelsea, arsenal and Liverpool are rubbish

share: Which team has the highest fans in England?
Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal

share: What team are better Chelsea or Nottingham Forest?
The better team is Chelsea by miles as Chelsea are playing in the top division while Nottingham Forest play in the second division.TRUE but i H8 Chelsea

share: Name 7 players who have played any 2 of man united Liverpool Chelsea arsenal and the spanish team?
Michael Owen Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid jamaine pennant Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Zaragoza Nicholas Anelka Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea Bolo Zenden Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcalona Mark hughes Manchester United, Chelsea Barcalona emmanuel petit Chelsea, Arsenal Barcelona

share: Which team is better Manchester United are Liverpool?
Liverpool, no question

share: Will chelsea win liverpool?
Yes Chelsea can knockdown liverpool. Liverpool is suffering from poor form.

share: Is Chelsea FC better than FC Barcelona?
According to ESPN, Barcelona is the number one football team in the world, followed by Manchester United and Liverpool FC (both EPL clubs). So no, there is no team better than Barcelona.

share: What was the score with Chelsea Liverpool in 2008?
It was Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea

share: Is Liverpool the most sucsessfull team in Europe?
No Chelsea is because it is the richest and has the most fans

share: What is the best team in the premiership?
Liverpool, Chelsea, and West Ham are popular choices for this title.

share: Which football team is a better team Manchester United or Chelsea?
Chelsea are okay not better the Arsenal I'm an Arsenal fan come on

share: What players have played for 2 top 4 English teams and a top spanish team?
Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool (and Chelsea) Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid Mark Hughes - Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea Michael Owen - Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Zaragoza Emmanuel Petit - Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea Boudewijn Zenden - Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool

share: Name players who have played for 2 or more of arsenal Chelsea man utd or Liverpool?
Nicholas anelka- Liverpool, Chelsea- mark hughes- man utd, Chelsea Michael Owen- Liverpool, man utd emmanuel petit- arsenal, Chelsea boudewijn zenden- Chelsea, Liverpool

share: Where in the world are Chelsea and Liverpool located?
There is a neighborhood on Manhattan's west side called Chelsea, but some people confuse the name of the Chelsea Football Club as representing a city in the UK (the Chelsea team is based in London). Liverpool is a city located on the west coast of England, about 220 miles northwest of London.

share: Which is the better football team out of Liverpool and Manchester united?
Liverpool are the best football team ever so don't Dis LIVERPOOL THROUGH AND THROUGH

share: How many football players on the field at one time?
Well eleven on one team say... Liverpool. And eleven on the other... Chelsea perhaps. Liverpool Players, plus Chelsea players is twentytwo. 11+11=22.

share: Have Liverpool beaten Chelsea more times?
Chelsea are the have won a total of 59 and Liverpool 38

share: Who is better Celtic or Liverpool?
Liverpool is way better than Celtic because they have talented and has a great history behind the team

share: Transfers between Liverpool and Chelsea?
Chelsea transfer money is $52,250,000 Liverpool transfer money is $40,528,365

share: Do you support Chelsea?
No way dude! i support Liverpool! and did you know that Liverpool is the best team if you look on the internet it will have the most fans to Liverpool! I have seen so i should know! and i do know cuz i saw it on the internet!

share: Will Liverpool win the Premier League?
I think that as a Liverpool fan, camisetas futbol baratas that Liverpool will finish in the top four but will not be anywhere close to the better teams such as Chelsea and man utd. Yea very good chance

share: What team does Fernando Torres play in?
Fernando Torres noe plays for Chelsea. He was sold by Liverpool for £50 million.

share: Who is the best football team in the league?
well there are three which are also the most popular teams which are Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

share: What team is better in soccer Chelsea or Manchester City?
They are both very good teams but Chelsea might be a little bit better

share: What are Chelsea football clubs objectives?
nothing because eniola supports this team and zac is cool and better at football then the whole chelsea team ;)

share: What team is better man you or Liverpool?
Manchester United by far. They have a better record and have the better players.

share: Name 7 players to have palyed for 2 English top 4 clubs and 1 spanish club?
Torres - Atletico, Chelsea, Liverpool Petit - Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal Hughes - Barcelona, United, Chelsea Diarra - Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea Owen - Real Madrid, United, Liverpool Zenden - Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool Anelka - Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea Pennant - Zaragoza, Liverpool, Aresenal

share: I know Manchester United Arsenal Liverpool and Chelsea are the best in England but Which team is England's worst football team?
derby. because it was the quickest team to get relegated from the premier leauge.

share: Is Liverpool better than arsenal?
Liverpool is the best team ever. --- Arsenal is definitely better even though I'm a Wigan supporter.

share: Who's the better team between Manchester united and Liverpool fc?
Based European titles, Liverpool.

share: 7 players played for two of premiership big four and a major spanish club?
Here's some names, but depends on what defines 'big 4' and 'major' these days: Owen - Liverpool, Madrid, Utd Petit - Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcalona Diarra- Arsenal, Chelsea, Madrid Zenden- Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool Anelka- Chelsea, Liverpool, Madrid Hughes- Utd, Barcelona, Chelsea others may include Pennant- Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Zaragoza Torres - Liverpool, Chelsea, Athletico Madrid Benayoun - Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Racing de Santander

share: 15 players who played for 2 or more of arsenal chealsea man utd or Liverpool?
William Gallas (Arsenal and Chelsea) Emmanuel Petit (Arsenal and Chelsea) Lassina Diarra (Arsenal and Chelsea) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) Juan Sebastian Veron (Man Utd and Chelsea) Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea) Michael Thomas (Liverpool and Arsenal) Bolo Zenden (Chelsea and Liverpool) Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal and Liverpool) Michael Owen (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mark Hughes (Man Utd and Chelsea) Paul Ince (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mikael Silvestre (Man Utd and Arsenal) Andrew Cole (Arsenal... Read More

share: Is Liverpool the best football team or is Manchester United?
Manchester United are the better team.

share: Which is the best football manger 2008 team?
Arsenal Liverpool Man Utd Chelsea Real Madrid Not Barca though

share: What club did Fernando Torres play for before moving to Chelsea?
Before moving to Chelsea he used to play for Liverpool FC P.S Liverpool suck and Chelsea rule

share: Is Chelsea more popular than Liverpool?
Chelsea is indeed more popular then Liverpool. Manchester United brings in the largest fan base with Chelsea right behind it.

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