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Juventus Once Again Sent a Crazy Offer For Cavani

"Nan Broadbent" (2019-10-12)

The Italian "Slow motion" reported that "Conti has urged the officials of the club to accelerate to introduce the top player that has been discussing." According to Italian media, among all the alternative "top strikers", Dzeko is the favorite of the manager Marotta and the Napoli striker Cavani is the most appreciated of Conti. In order to meet the needs of Conti, Juventus finally sent a crazy offer for Cavani once again although Cavani is the most difficult one to invite to put on the Juventus football shirt.

After the sale of Lavezzi, the Napoli boss Comprar Camisetas de fútbol Laurentis claimed "Cavani will never been sold," but he did not say absolutely, "Unless there is a crazy offer." Facing such case, Marotta decided to have a try. According to the "Turin Sports Daily", Juventus considers to convince Napoli with 25 million cash plus the Giovinco and Pepe. For Juventus, it is definitely a "crazy" offer. Juventus just bought the 50% of ownership of Giovinco with 11 million Euros, and the worth of Pepe is 10 million Euros. Such, the total offer Juventus sent for Cavani reaches 57 million Euros.

In fact, Cavani tended to stay in the team, but recently in the talks with the club about his renewal, they failed to reach agreement for the annual salary, so, Cavani may have the idea to transfer and Juventus shirt maybe his first choice. Compared with Robin van Persie, Cavani is younger and the annual salary requirement is also lower; but compared with Arsenal, the attitude of Napoli is tougher. To sign Robin van Persie is just need to meet the individual requirements of the player and they need to meet the requirements of the Napoli club to sign Cavani. About the offer that Juventus sent for Cavani, there is a different version, the football reporter of Italy Napoli Marjorie confirmed that the negotiations about the renewal of Cavani was not so optimistic and he disclosed that "Due to the Napoli coach does not want Matri, the offer Juventus sent of Napoli for Cavani is E 28 million, 50% ownership Giovinco and Bonucci.

Last season, Juventus won the Serie A title after an absence of many years but the performance of Juventus strikers was far from satisfactory. Only with the excellent performance of midfielders, could Juventus win. So, it is extremely urgent for Juventus to introduce the new strong strikers.

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