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5 Top Ideas to Use in Flower Gifting in UAE

"Mohammad Solano" (2020-02-20)

Flowers are one of the choicest items for gifting anywhere in the world. It is unlikely to find a country where the use of flowers doesn't take place for a happy or sad occasion. The bright and elegant blooms are widely used as a bouquet, decoration, floral arrangement, and worship across cultures and religion. It won't be wrong to say that blooms are an integral part of every society.

A variety of flowers are available around the world, which may be seasonal or perennial. The blooms come in gorgeous colours, shape, and sizes to fit any occasion.

However, in most cases, the trend of gifting bloom is influenced by location and culture. In other words, the flowers used in the UAE may not be available or accessible in the USA or UK. Thus, we need to pick the right blooms while going for flower delivery in the UAE or other countries.

Impacts of flower bouquets on an individual
Flowers are pleasing to watch and feel. The fragrance can bring a soothing feeling to anyone to uplift mood and reduce anxiety. Perhaps, it is the reason why a flower bouquet elates a sick person or a depressed person.

The Rutger research has proved that statement checking the impacts of different gifts on happiness, joy, and fulfilment in life. Order flowers online to make the buying process simple and worth despite remaining busy at the office.

5 ideas to make bouquets awesome
Everyone struggles to select a top flower for any occasion. Unless one is sending the right bloom for an event, it is likely the bouquet will get any appreciation from a receiver. The best way is to use ideas or take help of an online florist for the same.

But, we prefer to do things ourselves. In this case, we can use the following ideas to make the bouquet enjoyable and universally accepted -

1.Arrange flower bouquet in fancy paper

Post picking the blooms, use fancy papers for an arrangement of the bouquet. We must select the choicest decorative paper according to the receiver's hobby. Choose the colour based on the occasion - red for romantic, white for peace and humility, and others. Fancy papers can significantly add vibrancy to the gift.

2.Send flower bouquet in boxes

Send flower bouquet in boxes is on trend these days. Most of the posh or upscale gifts are packed in an elegant box to be meaning and unusual. Again, choose the colour of the box according to the preference of the special someone. Boxes look luxurious and can act as a vital showpiece to keep in the room, no chance of rejecting this gift by anyone.

3.Send plants in a bouquet

Beautiful herbs and plants are gifted along with the blooms these days. Many plants have meaning and symbols. In other words, they can be an excellent carrier of one message to others. Some of the plants are exceptional and thought to bring good luck and health to receivers.

4.Personalized floral gifts

Many times we can't find the bouquets or toko bunga wedding flowers in an online or offline store. In that scenario, there is a solution. We can opt for the customized or personalized floral gift. We can add as many flowers as possible to make a majestic bouquet. Personalized bouquets work better than standard floral gifts, but they may be a little costly.

5.Theme-based flowers gifting

Finding a theme-based bouquet is the most important thing to remember in gifting. If we gift random flowers bouquet, the receiver may not like or convey the meaning wanted in the bouquet. Further, many occasions come in a year. We can't send the same bouquet every time.

Sending the wrong blooms may hurt relationship and friendship. We can't take a chance. Therefore, we must send flowers to Dubai or other cities after buying a theme-based gift to family members or friends.

The author is a writer at Alissarflowers, the leading flower store in Dubai, offering a range of floral gifts to customers online. They have standard to customized bouquets to send flowers in Dubai and other cities.