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Batik - The South East Asian Industry

"Evonne Scarberry" (2020-03-14)

3 months agoBatik and the art of making such goods have always had a strong presence in South East Asia. Because of this, Malaysia, Indonesia plus Thailand have been rather active in the batik making trade. The Malaysian government has had an particularly resilient hand in their local batik industry. This is normally done as a means of promotion in addition to growing the prestige of its own goods. The end product the Malaysian government is seeking is of course to make the country the center of Batik activity.

Some parties have claimed that batiks from India and Indonesia are better but that does not mean Malaysian goods are bad by any stretch. It is particularly present in Malaysian official events in addition to its local traditions along with culture. Batik shirts are worn by almost all local officials attending functions here. Since the time of independence, such a rule has been constantly observed by them.

It is the north eastern regions however, that are always at the forefront of this industry. Kelantan as well as Terengganu are the two states that have traditionally been heavy producers of batik prints for local as well as international markets. The trend lately has been producing for the international market as opposed to the local ones. The newer generations tend to look upon batik clothing with disdain as they are deemed to be old fashioned.

However, this may seem like a blessing in disguise as foreigners tend to appreciate Contoh Motif Batik Pesisir a lot more than locals do. It is both viewed as beautiful along with exotic by those from foreign countries. Combine this fact with the accessibility that the internet gives its online customers. With a credit card and a few clicks of the button, they can be delivered directly to your doorstep. And this is exactly why the Malaysian government has such an active interest in the industry as a whole.

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