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The best facial recognition security cameras of 2021

por Reece McCorkle (2021-02-11)

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Some home security cameras have , an advanced option that lets you make a database of people who visit your house regularly. Then, when the camera sees a face, it determines whether or not it belongs to someone in your list of known faces. 

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The smartest video doorbell around

The software can be hit or miss, based on a variety of factors, kontol kuda from lighting to changing hairstyles, wearing glasses one day but not the next -- and more.

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But one thing we know for sure is that this feature is becoming increasingly popular in our devices -- not just in home security cameras, but also our phones and as efficiency tools helping to automate airport check-ins. As law enforcement becomes more invested in facial recognition technology, it's already raising serious questions about privacy and civil rights across the board, and bringing calls for governmental regulation. But let's step back a bit to the consumer realm. Your home is your castle, and the option of having facial recognition devices therein is still compelling for those who want to be on the cutting edge of smart home innovation. Let's take a look at the facial recognition cameras we've tested recently, to see which models are the best and to help you determine if one would work for you.

Best overall

Nest Hello

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

If we're talking about sheer facial recognition capabilities, the Nest Hello, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (all of which are essentially the same camera), win by far. Of those models, the Nest Hello is my top pick for facial recognition because it's the least expensive of the three and has the most opportunity to give you important information about who's at your front door. Nest's IQ Indoor can tell you who's already inside your house, but the Hello, as well as the IQ Outdoor Cam, tell you who's outside your house. The Hello doorbell's eye-level location has the best chance of monitoring and seeing the most visitors, too (although I suppose you could install the $349 IQ Outdoor cam at eye level if you wanted). The snag with the Hello and other face-tracking Nest cams is that you do have to pay for the facial recognition feature. That means for facial identification, you have to subscribe to the Nest Aware cloud subscription service. Learn more about Nest Aware.Still, the Nest Hello is also a pick for . So it's a win/win, whether or not you want to enable facial recognition.

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Best value

Tend Secure Lynx

Chris Monroe/CNET

The Tend Secure Lynx only costs $60. Given that, I was skeptical that this camera would deliver, but it does. Not only does the camera itself perform well and offer multiple nice features like free seven-day event-based video clip storage, but it also has facial recognition free of charge (unlike the optional Nest Aware service).Create your database of familiar faces, and the Lynx takes over. There is a bit of a learning curve as it becomes familiar with each face, but it's a very good option if you want an inexpensive indoor home security camera with decent facial recognition.

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Best smart home support

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Chris Monroe/CNET

The $299 Nest Cam IQ Indoor is similar to the Nest Hello doorbell. It has facial recognition (if you sign up for a Nest Aware subscription) and lets you know who walks in front of the camera's field of view with consistent accuracy. But it also has a number of additional benefits. Because it is an indoor camera, Nest gave it an integrated  speaker. That means the camera essentially doubles as a  speaker and can answer basic questions like what the current weather or traffic is in your area -- and control a variety of Google-Assistant-enabled smart home devices. It also works with Amazon Alexa.

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