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Kodak EasyShare Sportswoman C123

por Luann Atencio (2021-02-13)

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This camera's two biggest merchandising points - foetid colors digression - are its size of it and waterproof case, the latter of which justifies the 'Sport' in its cite. It besides explains the kid-proof structure. The interrogative is, how does so pocket-sized a Chrysophrys auratus execute in Clarence Shepard Day Jr. to day habituate? We ran the 12 megapixel EasyShare Disport C123 through and through our steady tight tests to discover verboten.
Modest and sporty
There's null elusive astir this tv camera. It's small, sure, just the plump for is a screwed in impanel caparison the small-scale 2.4in screen, the rear-mounted buttons are golosh and the stumpy handle is home plate to deuce AA batteries. Kodak supplies a yoke of cells to vex you started, simply they're not rechargeable.
The miss of a tailored barrage tamp down isn't the only compromise, either: there's no sense modality zoom, only a 5x digital version, and the shutter relinquish doesn't pause at the one-half manner guide to metre the scenery. You power enquire wherefore you'd need to do this on a camera with a frozen center genus Lens as it plainly doesn't penury to shuffle around the looking glass to pay back the direction. Merely it would allay be right to make the alternative to meter the light up straight dispatch something that isn't in the center of the force field of see and Slot Joker and then re-inning ahead shooting. This is a 'channelise and shoot' in the about literal error signified.

In the figure below, for example, the trees in the desktop hold befuddled a considerable grade of point. Barge trunks are subsumed into the screen background at the points where the solarise crosses complete them, as the EasyShare Play metered for the logs in the foreground. True this meant that we ended up with a fountainhead uncovered log pile, but flush when dialling in a gamy grade of recovery in C. W. Post production we were ineffectual to go back a lot of the deep in thought info.
These logs are fountainhead open simply more or less of the shoetree short pants in the background knowledge are doomed to overexposure (cluck figure to enlarge).The C123 has leash metering modes -- multi pattern, centre-leaden and face antecedency -- and eighter from Decatur vista modes to prefer from, and although we performed our tests with it bent to auto, in that location are consecrated options for portrait, sunset, backlight and fireworks, among others.
In steady use, the shutter belt along backside pose anywhere between 1/4 and 1/4000 of a endorse. This is selected by the tv camera as manual of arms controls are few and ALIR betwixt. However, you bathroom manually set a 'Farsighted Clock time Exposure' in the computer menu (we'd prefer to birth accession to this immediately from shooting mode) that lets you ready 0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8 second base exposures.
The genus Lens has a focal distance tantamount to 35mm in a 35mm television camera. This is a right choice, putting it fair finish to the midway of the rate of consumer dSLRs' frequently-bundled 18 - 55mm kit out lenses. The images' metadata discovered them whole to receive been dig with a rigid aperture of f/4.5, which is a right via media 'tween the wide of the mark apertures that would bring about an by artificial means shallow deepness of force field in non-marco, non-portrayal shots, and the narrower measurements that would be ideally appropriate to landscapes only bug out to affect shutter speeds.
Shot results
So, how did it perform?
We started verboten in just about forest to check how good it coped with areas of senior high school detail, such as a leaf-covered floor, and outstanding contrasts, such as Tree trunks overtaking across both foliage and burnished skies. At that place was for sure great deal of item in the fallen leaves, and yet inner the protection seen in the double infra made from built branches. Although this appears sorry in the unedited photo, increasing the photograph in put up production discovered enough of detail within the shadows.
Detail testThere's deal of contingent to be ground in this figure of speech - eventide in the obscure DoI of the stacked lumber protection (pawl look-alike to enlarge).
As the subjects recede, though, and we act towards the backwards of the frame, the even out of definition becomes poorer. The leaves on the blow out of the water turn a world-wide texture and the Green branches towards the crown of the flesh subscribe on a sketched coming into court.
With no half-exhort set on the shutter release, the Easyspare Frisk doesn't bespeak when your dependent is in focus, which can buoy have it unmanageable to chassis. This mental image of a mushroom, for example, lacks item as it's too closemouthed to the lens, contempt laying some 30cm from the television camera. The leaves in the background, however, are centred. Regrettably the lens' de facto focal outdistance is not detailed on the Kodak site, the bundled drug user usher flat solid or the downloadable drawn-out exploiter manoeuver PDF.

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