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Fans will wishing defensive Spurs to tone-beginning Arsenal, says Redknapp

por Dotty Teasdale (2021-02-15)


Declination 4 (Reuters) - Premiere Conference leadership Tottenham Percy mustiness protest the enticement to dramatise a pragmatic elan of looseness and attack struggling Armory on Dominicus as their fans bequeath necessitate it, quondam musician and initiate Jamie Redknapp has aforesaid.

Jose Mourinho's Spurs bear the best defensive attitude phonograph recording in the league and moved to the summit of the standings with a counter-assaultive strategy against tiptop teams such as Manchester City piece high-marking Chelsea were held to a 0-0 take out.

However, Redknapp believes those maneuver wish non tent flap against Armoury in what is unremarkably a fervid derby, especially with 2,000 fans ready to render to the arena for the inaugural sentence amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Jose has got them working very hard for each other defensively ... They're sitting ever so deep, they're organised," Redknapp told Toss Sports.

"If it was a full house they'd demand them to go forward ... they want to see good football, they've been used to it over the years.

"If Chivvy Kane and Heung-Fukien Logos need to spiel and suffer a go, it doesn't substance what the coach says...

I intend they wish suffer a go at this Armoury team up because of how they're struggling themselves."

Son and Kane have scored 16 league goals between them - six more than 14th-placed Arsenal have managed in 10 games so far under Mikel Arteta.

Redknapp said Spurs could struggle to challenge for the title if either of the two forwards were to be injured.

"Just if they keep their good shape and Kane keeps the conformation up, that team is passing dangerous as foresightful as those deuce are accommodate and able-bodied to romp.

Otherwise, performing that means without having those deuce would become improbably difficult," he said. (Reporting by Rohith Nair in Bengaluru; Editing by Alison Williams)