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'Space Force' with Steve Carell and John Malkovich: TV Review

por Roberta Crowther (2021-02-17)

2581-p9ftdOjVob7aB0NQ.jpegEveryone's engaged, but no one's taking themselves too seriously to have fun with it. Each of the six episodes gives a brief overview of how six different words -- fuck, shit, bitch, dick, javhd pussy, damn -- came to be, and how their definitions have since evolved.

The balance of historians against comedians like London Hughes and Nikki Glaser give "History of Swear Words" a sort of documentary meets "Best Week Ever" vibe that really works for the subject matter.

Kubicki, who hails from Gdansk, where the Solidarity movement sprung up in the ship yards in 1980, wanted to highlight what he calls the similarities between the union's fight against communism and the fight against the abortion restriction.

government´s decades-long "war on drugs" has spawned several cases challenging cops´ ability to stop and search civilians on suspicion of carrying contraband.
Taken together, the justice´s rulings have only expanded police officers´ right to stop and search people without probable cause or a warrant.

Hamilton is now available for streaming on Disney Plus. And if you want the full theater experience, Playbill has posted a printable online version of the program from the week the show was filmed, with cast biographies, headshots, the song list and more.

But the thing that once made Eminem so magnetic wasn't his willingness to spark outrage and say horrible things - literally anyone can do that - it was his ability to acknowledge the inappropriateness of what he was saying, and sometimes offer a preemptive apology, while simultaneously doubling down on the offense. Like any middle-aged troublemaker, Eminem makes frequent reference to the threat of being canceled; though unlike his counterparts in stand-up comedy and newspaper opinion sections, he never seems particularly worried about the prospect.

After all, lobbing lyrical loogies at good taste from the safe space of his studio has always been his most reliable form of self-care.

So the main problem with the series isn't the presentation, but with how quickly it breezes through its material.

Usually I'm begging Netflix shows to pare themselves down, and yet by the end of "The History of Swear Words," I was left frustrated that I didn't get deeper dives.

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