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Top 10 Travel Essentials for Travelling the World

por Remona Faust (2021-02-24)

id="mod_22087402">Top 10 Travel Essentials

My favourite subject / topic in the world has to be travelling. I like talking about it; reading about it; watching programmes about it; and I like doing it. I like nothing more than to leave everything behind and to go off exploring: seeing new places; trying new activities; new foods; new cultures; new modes of transportation; new languages…the list goes on.

Although I like to travel as light as possible and leave all my ‘possessions' at home where they can't distract me, there are some essential items that a traveller needs to have in the bag for when travelling around the world. I've set out what I consider to be the top 10 items here. You might need more than 10 or you might not want everything on the list. Ultimately all you need is a passport and some money, but I think the other items might just come in handy. Enjoy my travelling around the world tips. Happy travels people!