v. 5-8 1999/2002

Table of Contents


Data representation by fuzzy conditional statements Abstract PDF
Germano Lambert Torres, Luiz Eduardo Borges Silva, Ronaldo Rossi
Application of fuzzy optimization in energy saving Abstract PDF
Luiz Eduardo Borges Silva, Germano Lambert Torres, Luiz Octávio Mattos Reis, Jamil Haddad
An extended variational principle for non-linear and non-potential potentializable operators Abstract PDF
Antonio Marmo Oliveira, Wolodymir Boruszewski
Singularity-consistent teleoperation techniques for redundant free-flying robots Abstract PDF
Dragomir N. Nenchev, Kazuya Yoshida
Innovating automotive business by selling mobility: Service systems knowledge to foster sustainable production and consumption patterns policies Abstract PDF
Armando Azevedo Caldeira Pires, Pedro Campos
Pattern recognition of objects contained in images through neural networks Abstract PDF
Luiz Eduardo Nicolini do Patrocínio Nunes, Pedro Paulo Leite Prado
Transient natural convection double diffusion from a heated cylinder buried in a saturated porous medium Abstract PDF
José Rui Camargo, Amilcar Gomes Macedo, Carlos Alberto Chaves, José Camilo Chaves, Osvair Vidal Trevisan
Histórico das profissões de Engenheiro, Arquiteto e Agrônomo no Brasil Abstract
José Carlos Simões Florençano, Maria José Milharezi Abud
Impacto do aquecimento global em sistemas de condicionamento de ar Abstract
José Rui Camargo, Marcos Paulo Faria
Pattern recognition algorithms Abstract
Pedro Paulo Leite do Prado, Armando Antonio Monteiro de Castro