v. 9-10 2003/2004

Table of Contents


Adjustment of controller PID's parameters of genetic algorithms Abstract
Francisco José Grandinetti, Luiz Eduardo Nicolini do Patrocínio Nunes, Victor Orlando Gamarra Rosado
Performance analysis of a thermoelectric air conditioning Abstract
José Rui Camargo, Edson Nogueira Edson Nogueira
A generical programming controller with NSC COP8FLASH Abstract
Wendell Queiróz Lamas
Control of industrial processes using rules and membership functions adjustment by genetic algorithms Abstract
Germano Lambert Torres, Patrícia Cerávolo Rodrigues de Paiva Nunes Oliveira
Stress relieve in molds manufacturing of AISI 420 steel Abstract
Marcos Valério Ribeiro, Fernando Antônio Soares
Machining optimization of Nimonic 80A valves Abstract
Marcos Valério Ribeiro, Ciro Takayuki Watanabe, Jefferson Luiz Nogueira
Mechatronics as a solution for system automation Abstract
Paulo Eigi Miyagi, Emilia Villani
Comparision of the teoretical and experimental vibrations modes in beams with cracks Abstract
Francisco José Grandinetti, Eurico Arruda Filho
Evaporative cooling air conditioning system: saving energy and the environment Abstract
José Rui Camargo
Using similarity assessment in case-based reasoning to solve power system substation problems Abstract
Germano Lambert Torres, Helga Gonzaga Martins, Ronaldo Rossi, Luiz Eduardo Borges Silva
Research in indexed journals based on CAPES periodicals portal tools Abstract
Wendell Queiróz Lamas
Development of an intelligent system for power adaptive protection Abstract
Germano Lambert Torres, Leonel Crisostnes, Carlos Henrique Valério Moraes, Ronaldo Rossi
Study of retrofit for refrigeration and air-conditioning steam compression systems Abstract
José Luz Silveira, Paulo Eduardo Migoto Gouvêa, Roberta Freitas, Antonio Carlos Caetano Souza