Vol 13, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents


Charpy impact test machine instrumentation using a PIC16F877 microcontroller Abstract
Samuel Euzédice Lucena
On the use of BTDA-Bis-P polyamic acid as interphase in high performance thermoplastic composites Abstract
Liliana Burakowski Nohara, Aparecida Minhoko Kawamoto, Marta Ferreira Koyama Takahashi, Evandro Luís Nohara, Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende
Cutting Process Expert System: MOS – Machining Optimizer System Abstract
Nivaldo Lemos Coppini, Elesandro Antonio Baptista
Environmental Audit of Legal Conformity in the Industry: a theory study about Brazilian legislation´s parameter Abstract
Leonardo Masseli Dutra
Derivative proportional control and first order control with pole placement for a servopositioner electropneumatic Abstract
Esly César Marinho Silva, Benedito Santana Oliveira, José Antônio Riul, Simplício Arnaud Silva
Design of robust Hinf controller applied to an electromagnetic dynamometer Abstract
Maria Lourdes Guerra Luna, Benedito Santana Oliveira, Simplício Arnaud Silva, José Antônio Riul
Adaptive control of air temperature through spraying of water Abstract
José Antônio Riul, Frederico Antônio Melo Vale, Simplício Arnaud Silva, Paulo Henrique Miranda Montenegro
Temperature self-tuning generalized predictive control in a psychrometric tunnel Abstract
Paulo Henrique Miranda Montenegro, José Antônio Riul, Benedito Santana Oliveira, Simplício Arnaud Silva
Neural adaptative controller for compound table Abstract
José Bezerra Menezes Filho, Simplício Arnaud Silva, Benedito Santana Oliveira, José Antônio Riul
An investigation of the parameters of pulse in welding with flux cored wire Abstract
Luciana Márcia Oliveira, Sebastião Carlos Costa
Project of an electro pneumatic circuit with regulation of the pressure for the execution proceeding of circular punctures in metallic plates with variation of thicknesses Abstract
Vicente José Fernandes Costa Ferreira, José Rui Camargo
An LMI robust predictive control approach applied to synchronous machines Abstract
Cláudio Homero Ferreira Silva, Humberto Molinar Henrique, Luis Cláudio Oliveira Lopes, Luiz Renato Gomes


Las relaciones universidad-empresa: ejemplo de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Abstract
Vicente Ortega Castro
Atmospheric models for artificial satellites orbit determination – a review Abstract
Giorgio Eugenio Oscare Giacaglia, Alex Oliveira Marcondes