Vol 13, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents


Applications of Fibonacci sequence in thermal engineering Abstract
Gil Bazanini, Júlio Miranda Pureza, Fabrício Köche Nunes
Fuzzy speciallist system application to the evaluation of a customer satisfaction research in an industry of vehicle parts Abstract
Dimas Campos de Aguiar, Valério Antônio Pamplona Salomon
Multivariable Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for an Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Abstract
Giuliani Paulineli Garbi, Victor Orlando Gamarra Rosado, Francisco Grandinetti
Simulation of Simultaneous Estimation of Gas Temperature and Emissivity in a Furnace by Inverse Analysis in Thermal Radiation. Abstract
Carlos Teófilo Salinas Sedano
Replacement of Ring Motors by Standard Motors Driven by Frequency Inverters in Hoisting Devices Abstract
Fernanda Schmidt Seelig, Ronaldo Rossi, Wendell Queiróz Lamas, Luiz Octávio Mattos dos Reis
Structural characterization of the Ta5Si3 and Cr5Si3 phases Abstract
Lívia Ribeiro, Sergio Renosto, Paulo Atsushi Suzuki