Vol 11, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


Induction generators study on micro hydro plants generation Abstract
Daniel Macedo Medeiros, Augusto Nelson Carvalho Viana, Angelo José Junqueira Rezek
Energetic and economical analysis of the petrochemical plant cogeneration potential Abstract
María Isabel Sosa, Alberto Fushimi
Modeling and simulation of elements used in vehicular active suspensions Abstract
Willian Peterson Silva, Francisco José Grandinetti
Studies on technical and economical viability of biodigesters associated to water reuse and energy cogeneration Abstract
Ederaldo Godoy Junior, José Luz Silveira, Giorgio Eugenio Oscare Giacaglia
Economic influence and implications in the pluvial water used in the systems of evaporative-desiccant applied in air conditioning Abstract
Marco Antonio Medeiros Santos, José Rui Camargo, Ederaldo Godoy Junior
Effects of a system of work performance assessment on the results of a production cell in a vehicle assembler Abstract
Rodrigo Santos Carmo, Maria Júlia Ferreira Xavier Ribeiro
Sustainable development through electricity generation for isolated communities in Amazon region using small-scaled biomass gasification systems – GASEIFAMAZ project Abstract
Suani Teixeira Coelho, Silvia Maria Stortini González Velázquez, Osvaldo Stella Martins, Sandra Maria Apolinario Santos, Beatriz Acquaro Lora, Ademar Hakuo Ushima
Estimate methods of biogas generation in sanitary landfill Abstract
Pedro Magalhães Sobrinho, Luiz Gustavo Galhardo Mendes
The Kyoto protocol and their benefits for Latin American landfills Abstract
Pedro Magalhães Sobrinho, Luiz Gustavo Galhardo Mendes
QFD applied to the automotive vehicles technical assistance Abstract
Álvaro Azevedo Cardoso, Rodrigo Felippe Gilioli, Carlos Alberto Chaves
Lean manufacturing in air conditioning hoses assembly cell Abstract
Jorge Lucresia Júnior, Álvaro Azevedo Cardoso, Carlos Alberto Chaves
Pratical aspects of quality Abstract
Gláucia Aparecida Gomes José Cardoso, Álvaro Azevedo Cardoso, Carlos Alberto Chaves
Attainment crystalline films for manufacturing thermal infrared optoeletronic detectors Abstract
Sérgio Tuan Renosto, Lívia Souza Ribeiro, Sônia Guimarães
Study of high frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) Abstract
Ariel Leiva López, Guillermo Fernández Segovia, Raimundo Villarroel Valencia, Emilio Quezada Valencia
Radar absorbing materials based on MnZn ferrite (8-12 GHz) Abstract
Roberto Simões, Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende, Evandro Luís Nohara
Improvement in the design of manufacture of bi-cladding pressure vessel Abstract
Antonio Carlos Tonini, Ricardo Silva, Marcelo Antonio Santos, José Elias Tomazini, Flávio A. S. A. Souza